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Lucia Dameteise of Stormwatch

Nationality: The Sovereign Kingdom of Lymerria. (Lymerrian)

Place of Birth: Stormwatch

Occupation: Knight Commander, Order of the Violet Rose, Knight General of Wartime Command.

Statistics and Physical Appearance:

Human :: Female :: 185lbs
One Green eye :: Red hair

Notable Markings and Characteristics:

One scar, left side of the face. A wound received as an adolescent.

Left eye is permanently damaged and filled with blood.

A black leather 'guard' is used to conceal it from view.


"Lady Dameteise? Oh, Knight Commander Dameteise... of course! Aye, I know her. Or, know 'of' her, rather. She keeps to herself. She's a wonderful soldier... never been a woman more dedicated to her cause. A bit... stiff... though. You know what I mean? She could probably use a bit of the 'vapors' and a romp in the hay... see?"

[All I ever wanted was to serve]

"The Order of the Violet Rose? They're Queen Annalise's Honor Guard. Her sister is Knight Commander. I heard they used to be real close... but... well... the Knight Commander is a hard woman to be close to."

[I gave up my childhood... so I could stand beside her]

"Lucia? Sure, I grew up with her. Don't expect to hear any stories though. Nobody has stories. She didn't want a thing to do with us. She was there... but she wasn't ever really there."

[And in the end, it got me here...]

"My Niece, Lucia, is a very dedicated woman. She always has been. Ever since she was a little girl... she's gone on and on about becoming a knight. When Annalise ascended to the throne, she picked Lucia to be her Knight Commander without a doubt. I don't think I have ever seen that girl so excited or proud in her life."

[Relax... get a life... maybe find a husband. You know, learn how to act like a flesh and blood woman...]

"I used to adore that girl. But, she's got this way... of just... shutting you out. Like you don't even exist."

[I don't want to be flesh and blood. I want to be cold, merciless steel.]

"My sister, Lucia? Why are you interested in her? Nobody is ever interested in her... not for long. She pushes everyone around her away. Even me, sometimes... and I'm supposed to be 'Her Queen'. She's spent all her life trying to measure up to me. I thought I was doing her a favor by making her my Knight Commander... but... I don't think it was. I've ordered her to step down from her duties for the time being... to go out into the world and learn how to interact with people. I remember when she was younger... before... they told us about me being Queen. We used to play! Have fun! She's... forgotten all about that now. Everything is... service and duty. She's not living her life at all! I... hope she will forgive me when she gets back."

[On her Honor, I will be forged anew...]