RP:The Loggers Move Out

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Part of the Arctic Construction Arc


  • Logging Crew and Frost Giant Guard, Tharn (NPCs).

Chapter Six of Arctic Construction

Frostmaw Tavern

The tavern is slightly chilled, and more uncomfortable to those who enjoy the warmth that other buildings and inns have to offer. As you glance about you see normal sized chairs for visitors such as humans, dwarves, elves, and the like of medium sized humanoids that would enter and leave this place. Along all four walls lays a large oak made booth, suitable for its giant inhabitants to sit and enjoy their drinks and meals in comfort, among the booths lay various blood stained marks as well as chips and cracks along the surface from older brawls that had taken place in the passed. Upon further inspection, this massive tavern seems to have a skeletal head of a large dragon hanging from the cieling, wrapped and constricted in pale blue chains, while your eyes continue to explore, you notice a rather bulky and well toned frost giant behind the bar. Upon his left eye, which you notice is blinded, a scar travels down and along his jaw, traveling even further to his neck, and vanishing under the heavy clothing that rests on his chest. The large bartender simply watches you, awaiting to see if you are here to rest, or order from the menu, as well, beside the old giant awaits a massive sized war-axe, incase you would be here to start some trouble.

Allanon | The large doors to the Tavern open and directly after a group of four Frost Giants would enter. Each of them ready for what would be a long trek into the frozen tundra that was known to them as home, known to Allanon and his crew as Frostmaw. Many men had journeyed to where they would be headed this day and not ever returned. The woods were filled with many creatures, all of them unknown to the elf who had only ever visited Frostmaw once in his past, and that was some time ago. Allanon was sitting at the bar, his crew scattered throughout the Tavern each doing whatever they may like until called to work, which would be soon. Upon the sudden chill of air that would enter the large fire would waver and threaten to extinguish from the frozen wind, however it held fast and continued to burn offering its warmth to those that may be close enough to remember what warmth was. The leader of the four Giants walked forward, “Allanon we are waiting on you and your men.” Turning from his seat his eyes raised and head tilted back to see the Giant which stood around fifteen feet in the air, as did his comrades. Scratching an itch that just started to irritate him on the back of his head he stood. “Very well,” turning his head from the giant so that the whole of the Tavern would echo his voice, he shouts. “Alright men, time to move out! Drink your last glass of warm ale as you double check each of your loads!” As he had began to speak the eyes of the men and some other Giants alike would fall upon him. After he finished those that were with him began to move about, most now pulled on their heavy furs and other clothing given to them from Lady Frostmaw and the Giants. Allanon already wore the fur given to him. A heavy white coat, the fur probably that of a wolf or some other creature of this horrid place.

Allanon shouted once more throughout the Tavern, “Those of you that are ready can meet Tharn outside. He shall be preparing the Mammoths that were promised to us. Those of you with the largest tools may greet him first. I wish that anything that cant be easily carried also be given to them to transport.” The men moved reluctantly, each of them wishing they were still in the warm Rynvale harbor where the salty air was always a welcomed friend. All the same they moved as quickly as needed for each of them knew Allanon's tolerance of labor that was too slow, they could be easily replaced. Allanon walked outside leaving the warmth behind. Somehow he enjoyed this frozen land, though he wasnt sure how, or why. The two large Mammoth were outside as promised by Tharn. They were large standing around nine and a half feet tall and would weigh in at nearly three tons each. Their dark brown fur covered their bodies, holding in the warmth that was all too important here, like water in the desert. Already many saddle like bags were placed upon the beasts. Rations for his men as well as hunting supplies were already stored there. Extra furs and bedding's were placed here as well. Tharn however was not the one packing them, instead it was another of the Giants. Tharn instead stood across the way seemingly speaking with someone that had just come in from the wasteland, frozen blood stained his clothing. Allanon approached but as he did so their conversation would end and he would walk off. “What is it Tharn?” he would ask. “It seems food is becoming more scarce. The wolves are attacking any that seem to enter. But you don't have to worry. They would never attack us Giants.” Somehow Allanon believed him, what creature in their right mind would ever attack a Giant? Their monstrous size only gave one a warning of their monstrous strength. “I see. Well we shall be prepared to move out here shortly.”

Allanon | Tharn would speak to one of the other Giants while Allanon was away dealing with his men. “We must be cautious on this expedition. It seems there have been sightings of Worms outside of the hunting grounds.” Surprise on his face his comrade would nod. “I shall spread word to the others,” was his response. “Be careful not to let the short ones know. No need to frighten them over what may not be true.” With a nod the Giant would walk away, spreading word not only to the other giants, but also to a messenger which shall alert the queen.

Frozen Road

Nothing really new seems to catch your eye while traveling this road, in general it seems the same as normal. Various footprints still continue to travel the old solid path in every direction. To your north-east you see a rather large tent, and the smell of fresh cooked stew teases your nose, following this path north seems to be the best way to get to that particular tent, while another path leads west.

Allanon | The Group had departed finally after everything was checked one last time. As they walked if one were to turn around the large tent that covered over the tavern would be easily seen, even in the steady snowfall that had become a common scenery, much like the rock paths of the Xalious Mountains. The Giants had split up, two stood in front of them and two more in the rear. The Mammoths were In the center and Allanon's men were scattered around the wooly creatures which moved across the snow effortlessly. Heading west and North they would reach a short time later a decent sized towns, a few shops could be seen but none in the group stopped, each believed that they had gathered enough furs, foods, and other equipment that they would be able to survive their trip into the frozen wasteland. Exiting the town, and still headed east, the snowfall began to fall heavier and the wind had picked up a bit. Vision in front of a person was still good up to a decent range, but if the storm continued to get worse, it would only dampen the crew's spirits and trekking through these lands would become even more of a hassle than Allanon had believed.

Allanon | The Giants were silent as they continued on. The one leading them currently was not Tharn, though he was in front as well, instead it was another, one whose name Allanon had not yet been told. Tharn followed him without hesitation and because of this so did the others. It would seem that this Giant had great knowledge of the area, but how true this may be, or how accurate, it was still unclear to him. Soon enough there would be a bend in their path, southward. The trees here were small and scattered, and signs of wildlife seemed to be the same as before, nonexistent. Though Allanon knew better than to believe what the nonexistent game trails and markings told him. This was indeed Frostmaw, everything here was on a different scale, and very few things went by the same rules or guidelines.

Allanon and his men stopped as the lead Giant stopped and held and outstretched hand to his side, the flat of his palm facing them. At the movement the other giants prepared themselves, each pulling from their person a different kind of weapon. Something was amiss. With but a small whisper he would say to his men, “Prepare yourselves.” This advice was good and each of them moved slowly for their weaponry while not making much noise, each looking for what may be lurking not far from where they were. Suddenly, a large snow bank to their right, about twenty yards off would begin to move, seemingly it would slither forward, not away nor closer to them, only around. The snow bank was not as it appeared. Beneath the snowfall a sleeping Frost Worm had awakened. This one was small, probably rather young. The giants knew this right away. “Allanon, I ask that your men remain here and guard the Mammoth. We can deal with this.” With a nod he would agree, there was no reason to issue an order for none of them would move without his say so, or attack without proper cause. It was known as well that the Giants were there to protect them, not the other way around. They would allow them the ability to do their job.

Allanon | Tharn and one of the Giants moved forward first as finally the worm would turn and head for the group. Its mouth would open wide, revealing rows of teeth. The Worm stood only six feet tall, truly a youngling, but it would still be just as fierce if not dealt with quickly. Readying his weapons the creatures speed quickened once more and just before it would have been within range it would appear to dive downward. The constant fresh powder a shield for it to hide in, a shadow for it to move in, a form of attack. The worm would suddenly bury downward, far beneath the snow, nothing above the landscape moved. The Giants, Allanon, and his crew remained still as each listened and watched for anything that may give away the creatures position. When it didn't return they began to relax...too soon. All at once the worm would launch itself from the ground near one of the Giants, its mouth open and rows of teeth poised and ready to clamp down on the nearest giant. The worm would not find himself lucky this night. The Giant had not relaxed, and once the worm had launched itself skyward, hoping to at least catch his arm he swung his large hammer around with the full of his power and crashed it hard against the worms hide which stood no chance against the great strength. By now another Giant was amongst them, close enough to attack. A giant like axe would be lifted high over head and dropped quickly before the worm could recover...death. What could only be called its head was nearly completely severed from its body. The really young worm had not a chance against this group. The worm, though surely dead, had not stopped movement. Possibly through the nerves in its body it had started twirling itself around and whipping its tail about. A last unconscious hope at revenge, and it would fail. Allanon who was poised and ready for combat if help was needed finally returned his weapons to his side as the worm's corpse ceased movement. Tharn pulled from a saddle bag a blade, large to that of Allanon, though, it appeared to be no more than a sturdy skinning knife for him. An hour would pass before a large chunk of the worms hide would be pulled free and placed amongst the baggage they already possessed. Allanon was intrigued by the Giants strength, as well as the Worm. He had decided then, that he and his men could have taken a Frost Worm easily, though not as easily as these Giants.

Allanon | Once the shock and the threat of danger passed and the cold resettled in their bones once each of them remembered where they were they would move on. The crew spoke amongst themselves as did the Giants. Allanon was quiet and only observed around him while hugging his fur coat closer to his body hoping for more warmth. The High elf struggled to hear both his men and the giants even in the beginning blizzard, which never seemed to be lighter than this. More time would pass without commotion or threat of death amongst any in the group and they would finally arrive at a heavily wooded area without any further problems. Nearly seven hours had passed in the trek to this spot east of the Frostmaw Tavern. The first order he would give once he realized that the Giants intended them to log here was simple enough. Fire. The order went out to everyone. They were to scatter in several teams to scout the area and return to the central spot with lumber for fire as well. Another amongst them gathered bark from several of the trees which he used to help start a fire which was a constant irritant due to the wind. Once all had returned with firewood and a blazing flame was created, the wind would die down and the snowfall would weaken giving them all relief. “Alright, Set up camp and rest your frozen bodies, tomorrow we begin to cut!” The last order of the day...

Allanon | The giants seemed to be constantly alert, more so than they could ever hope to be. It seemed that they already had set up a guard and watch system. Two were on constant watch and every few hours they would switch out. Those not on guard would assist the Lumberjacks when ever possible after their own preparations for bedding was complete.