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An Avian, of over one-hundred thousand years. A scientist, who is merciless on the operating table. A woman of some ambition. A woman, who has a most.. mercurial state of mind.

Quick Facts

  • She's a scientist
    • One who specializes in Metal Prosthetic Enhancement.
  • She is almost always studying
    • Peering over books and studying ancient tomes..y'know.
  • She has recently completed the Schezerade Core, for the new Avian City.
    • Hard work, so it was. Copies of the RP are available, please ask or take a look on the Wiki.
  • Her left arm is metallic.
    • So is her ribcage.
      • Her wings, are also lined with metal. But with a small corruption of Chaos, she doesn't like to talk about it.
        • Her leg is now also metallic, from the knee down (right leg that is) thanks to Triyul.
  • She is a Raan to her people.
    • A Raan is a Senator.
  • She has taken on Alaine as her student.

Additional Information

Cerinii, is an Artisan of Metal Prosthetic Enhancement. She is co-leader of the Service Guild.

Cerinii knows many, yet knows few. There are few that she will call friend. Most she has only briefly met, or she only knows them through recruiting for the Service Guild.

Cerinii's Friends

This feline was met in the line of work. Rosecho, was Cerinii's first experiment. One that went well. However, Cerinii and Rosecho became friends and remain friends to this day.
A peculiar woman, was her first thought. Cerinii was intrigued by Ilska, upon first meeting her - but that intrigue soon became something else. However, things turned sour. The absence of the woman drove Cerinii to her wits end.. and they are no more.
A somewhat, kindred spirit. Zeneth being somewhat, an unusual soul - Cerinii feels like she can relate to her. She has performed operations for Zeneth, and has recently completed the Schezerade Core - thanks to her assistance.
Although he first tried to flirt with Cerinii, she has come to accept him as a brotherly man in her life. He has supported her through a tough decision - and always boosts her confidence and mood with...comments.

Surprisingly, Cerinii has come to think well of the man. He has somehow managed to turn her hatred for the Avian race. She has high hopes, that he is correct - and her hatred is misplaced.
The only Naga who seems to appreciate the Avian. Most Naga hate Avian kind, so their relationship really is something special.
A Human who can be considered as Cerinii's best friend. Astrid is a wonderful girl, in Cerinii's eyes and a girl who Cerinii would protect to the death.
The elf girl is now Cerinii's apprentice. She shows great promise and skill, which has impressed Cerinii so far. The current experiments with the subject Strend have shown Alaine has knowledge of anatomy and prowess. Cerinii believes she'll go far in this line of work.

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It's time for those magical shout-outs. Not that anybody will look, but..oh well!

Dammit, you are awesome. I love that girl, so damm hard. <33 Your RP just..amazes me and always will!
Damn you. I'm actually going to marry you ¬¬ You are crazy cool awesome and I love your RP. And you gave me credits after only knowing me a day or two! You crazy chick!
I love that girl, so hard. She's amazing. She owns at writing and just being plain funny. <3!
Hanky-Panky. HP. Gotta love him <3
What can I say? He's awesome <3
I don't care what you say, you are an awesome writer and I love RPing with you! <3
The best Naga I know! <3 I love RPing with you, and we should do more often!
You make me laugh OOCly and ICly. And Alaine's crazy love of metal makes Ceri smile. ^^ Gotta say, when they first met, Ceri was laughing inside at Alaine's childish delight. <3
What can I say? You're Cerinii's significant other. You provide some fun RP, and someone to support Ceri. I'm glad we RP. ^^ <3

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