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Cecil "Winterwing" Nezuto

Age:25 in appearance

Race: Half elf, Half dragon

eyes: Crimson

Skin: Pale

Body: Has elven-like body, with the strength of a dragon to match, but due to being half-blood, he isn't quite as powerful as a pure dragon. Nor as dextrous and nimble as a pure elf. He has his wings in his elven form, one crimson, marking his lineage from the Reds, and a pure white wing. the white wing is believed to be the mark of his elven mother.

Alignment: Neutral

Status: Single(but taken >> not gonna explain, <3's Moon)

weapons: Grey Blade of Symmetry. This sword was forged from the rarest metals and the powder from the claws of his father. It is the essence of balance and is never marred with blood, dents or dulling. It was recently enchanted by Syrus and now has some abilities Cecil doesn't know of, some he's found.

Found: It glows and hums to Cecil only when disruption in the balance is near. It will shield him when near death and bestow a powerful magic that is traced in the air, unleashing a force that depletes Cecil's energy and renders him unconcious for long periods. It also seems to slice through anything that is disruptive to the balance with ease, whether it be good, evil, alive, dead or inanimate. This is all he knows of it, currently, having only found out these powers on accident or while travelling.

Personal abilities: Doppleganger--Cecil can summon a replica of himself, though it's weaker, it knows his basic spells and wields a Blade-of-Midnight, which glows crimson. This glow is the only way to tell the two apart.

Fireball: Cecil's basic spell, he can cast more and queue them if he charges his mana

Enchant Weapon: N/A due to Syrus' enchantment to the blade, which is semi-permanent. The restrictions are only known to Syrus and Cecil.

Basic healing: Cecil can use a few herbs and minor spells to help in healing, but is nowhere close to the skills of even an apprentice healer. He relies on potions more.

Dragonform: Hasn't been used in 5 real years, but may be's basically him turning into his dragon form and being kinda 'super saiyan' for a short time. He can wreak plenty of havoc in that short time, before it wears off, though. Also, his transformation comes with a drives him berserk for a short time...(rawr =3)

pets: Lillium(mongoose), WinterMoon(Ice Wyvern-Hatchling), Glemdenning(black mare) and an Eternal Flaming Turkey(gift from Morv)

class: Knight of the Balance

Clan: Apostles of Peace. Found them icly and you guys can't know that they exist or that I'm a part of them icly, unless you have been approached by them icly. Sorry, rules is rules =P

Clan rank: Master Peacemaker (at least, until Syrus returns), Senior Peacekeeper (basically, I'm RP/statter and my ranks reflect both =P)

Cecil is the only known child born from the forbidden love between a Red Dragon and an elven woman. His mother passed when he was young and he remembers her fondly. This is often symbolized by his allowing his closest friends to call him "Winterwing", a name his mother gave to him due to his one pure white which he retains in dragon form. He rarely transforms unless absolutely necessary. Cecil is skilled in both weapons and magick and prefers a sword over most weaponry. Being a half-blood, he does retain the weaknessess of both races, which can be bothersome, but he also gains their strengths, so he tends to be fairly balanced. Cecil has never known love, for he is looked down upon for what he is. This blatant rebuttal of his existance has not stopped him from following a Knightly path and he values his honour. He is often times travelling the land in search of both a place where he can belong and another like him. Cecil has been alive for hundreds of years, yet only appears to be 25 with Raven Black hair, Crimson eyes, Pale skin and two Silver bangs which usually hang over his eyes.

Cecil has recently found a new home and those he calls friend/family. He is currently in love with someone and is happy as is with her.

(will be updated piece by piece)

Minor shouties to:

Athxess: The flaming undead

Moonlight: >>....She knows why, 'nuff said

Kirien: partner in shiny crime >>

Tsukiko: Awesomsauce xP

Guyon: For creating a RP that fit so well with mine and being awesomesauce >>

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Nemisis: Just cause>>

Trinsa: Heh, for helping me fend off a stalker 2wks ago

Alicia and Beata: Two of my first buddies when I came back to Hollow(the latter person...well, meet her and find out v.v)

Coral: For being the only one that remembered me from playing Hollow, yrs ago

Necok: Cause he be odd

lllanuss: She knows why>>(seems to have disappeared oocly)

Myrall: My buddy in mythology

Hans: For being....Hans>>

Red: For putting up with me each night

Morv: Goofball 1337

Jacklin: Heh

Ryeanna: Helpful to no end(as are the rest of ya xP)

Cyll: Putting up with my questions

Syrus: Sean Connery with a silver fro =p

Satoshi: She who helped me and still does. Always a <3 and a thank you to you, Sato =^..^=

Oh and pretty much everyone in my clan, cause I said so and cause they're family now =3

any others I'm missing, I'll add ya as I remember ^.^

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