RP:Breaking Ground

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Part of the Arctic Construction Arc


  • Logging Crew and Frost Giant Guard, Tharn (NPCs).

Chapter Seven of Arctic Construction

Deeper Into the Woods

Having traveled a good amount of time you find yourself in the middle of a heavily wooded area. The trees make your movements difficult and hamper your vision even more than to the south. You you struggle to push against the branches and move in the snow beneath you, you can see that an opening to the woods leads to the north, while to the south the trees thin out. During your traveling you also see a small, hidden, path to your east. Another well hidden path leads to the west, however you can tell that this path has rarely been traveled in the last several months or even years.

Allanon and his crew had finally arrived, the Giant whose name he had given up trying to remember had declared this to be their work area. Orders had been dispatched quickly enough from Allanon. Two men began to scout the area. This was often their job, the two appeared small and quick on their feet, both also known to be very quick witted when it was needed, perfect for scouting. Others were asked to create some semblance of a border to their cut area, the giants of course helped with this tremendously. At first all work was hard, the deep snow beneath their feet made any bit of movement a challenge. However, after several hours of trampling it down and crew movements it became only a slight hindrance. The largest job given to the men currently however was not one they were normally given. The collection of timbers for a fire. Normally such a fire would be made from the brush of the trees, limbs and other bits of wood not suitable for lumber. A pile would be made and fire would be set to them. So now, nearly twenty of his men gathered wood and bark for a fire. Their encampment was made inside the trees, hidden safely away from the dry frozen winds of the tundra to the south and west of them. And hopefully from the creatures of these lands as well.

Allanon | The Giants kept to themselves for the most part, speaking to them only when needed or when spoken to themselves. For the most part they were rarely seen, every once in a while one would happen upon them in the woods somewhere or a scout would report back stumbling upon one and mistaking it for one of the creatures that they had been warned to watch out for, fortunately this never brought harm to them. After a couple more hours a fire was made and a decent stockpile of little bits of wood and already dead limbs lay a short distance from the flame. “Alright, time to break ground! You know whose in charge, report to your commander for orders!” Allanon shouted and a few others a distance away would repeat his orders as if an echo so that all would hear. A sudden rush of movement covered the land as the crew separated into their own divisions. The High Elf had two subordinates that stuck out from the others. Each were largely built and each declared their own amount of respect and obedience from the crew. These were Allanon's two right hand men. The first was known as Hecter, he was easily the most stereotypical lumberjack here. Heavy flannel shirt and a dense style of pants that Allanon had not recognized and never asked. Leather straps ran from the front over his shoulders to the back, these he called Over-alls. His weapon of choice in both fighting and work was of course a large axe. Though sometimes the high elf wondered what he did before joining his crew. The next was named Eliwood he was elven in nature and held within his heart a love for the forest. One could only wonder why he served as a lumberjack amongst Allanon's crew. Elwood was a mystery to most of the men, one of the few elves amongst them he would be stereotyped as more of the black sheep of his kind. Elwood stood at Allanon's side always and had for some time now, a form of respect similar to that of Allanon amongst the men. The elf was also silent most often, responding in mostly nods and smirks. Speaking few words but only when needed. As for his body type he was larger than most elves, for this his full elven speed is reduced.

Allanon | The frozen earth that lay beneath the snow would shiver as the forest would begin to fall. That day the first tree was cut with the first machine given to them from Noemi. A chain wrapped to a pulley that ran off of heat, a rune of some kind helped to convert the heat to power. In normal conditions this machine was the best tool they would carry. On the Isle of Rynvale heat was easy to come by, starting the machine was hard in this climate. In fact it took the only being amongst them that carried with them a bit of pyro magic, a dwarf smithy. One that often repaired their tools and sharpened their blades. The whole of the group watched as the first tree was finally fell. Something that always started off the job. The machine started, first it spat and sputtered as it worked to turn the heat to power before the cold of this wasteland could steal it away. Finally it started as the chain that was wrapped around the trunk and reconnected to the machine would begin to move. The sharpened hooks would catch on the bark and rip through it as the chain rotated. As the saw had cut most of it it was turned off and removed, an axe would then finish the job in a series of a few swings. As the tree fell a roar would ring out from the men as each began the tasks assigned to them. This machine was many times faster than what a normal lumberjack with his axe could ever hope to be. However currently their happen to be only a single one of these machines. More was on the way, in fact, two of his men had already been sent back to Noemi's Workshop to gather the others that they had requested, a custom job. Three more to come at the least. A few days away still. Around them hollers could be heard as trees began to fall finally as tools and sawing blades ripped away at trees in the wasteland. Work on the site had finally begun.