RP:The Lumberjack in Frostmaw

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Part of the Arctic Construction Arc


  • Satoshi.
    • Kit-vampire, frost singer.
  • Tharn.
    • (NPC) Frost Giant, Guard.

Chapter Two of Arctic Construction

Allanon and his crew climbed the cliff, the frozen journey was much more harsh than they had expected. Most of their number was accustomed to that of temperatures from the Isle of Rynvale. Amongst them only Allanon and a single other had ever been to a colder climate, but still this was colder. Already they felt as though the blood in their veins may freeze if they stopped moving, this helped to usher them on. The snowfall here was of a moderate snowfall and finally when they reached flat land and traversed a ways further in the deep snow did a village appear to them. The sight of such excited them, putting to ease any thoughts some may have had of being lost already in the frozen wasteland that could be Frostmaw. Another length of time passed before they reached the city. What appeared so long ago through the snow to be a normal village was in fact nothing of the sort, at least not to them. Tensions raised once more when they finally realized that the village they were now in belonged to none other than the Giants of these lands. Had they gone too far, the wrong way? None of them were entirely sure, but still they hesitantly moved onwards.

Satoshi stands upon a snowbank just past the gate of the city, calling out orders and directing traffic as Frost Giants amble by in both directions, laden down with wheelbarrows, tools, buckets, parchment rolls, and other such construction supplies. The little queen seems in high spirits as she turns to whisper to the armored giant beside her, the blond male throwing his head back with a deep laugh at whatever the foxkin said to him. A signal, undetected by most, from the guards at the gate alert the frosty pair to the new band of arrivals, allowing them to stand prepared as Allanon's crew is ushered into the city. "Et who might we have here~?" the bard trills, pegging Allanon the leader and gazing steadily at him with curious amber-flecked eyes.

Allanon and his men eyes the Giants about them, the Snow Maiden had been overlooked by all, somehow. The men were growing anxious, some scared, some grinning wanting the battle. The only thing that stopped them from either running or attacking was Allanon, he stood firm as he looked about them neither in fear or in anticipation of a fight. But astounded at the city and of this race of people that were so knew to him. Already he knew his job would be much easier with such brutes as these to help him if of course Lady Frostmaw would lend him even just a handful. Suddenly the woman before them would be noticed and while the others of his party did not but stand there Allanon offered a low bow. "I am Allanon of Rynvale, and behind me are my rude subordinates..." he gave them each a glare, but they did not begin to bend in the slightest of ways. "I am afraid we may be lost. We seek out a the Snow Maiden, and wish to confirm with her that we have arrived."

Satoshi exchanges a look with her guard before turning her attention back to Allanon with a lopsided grin. "You're not lost, Master Allanon. This es Frostmaw and I'm the Snow Maiden." A quick hop and slide brings the minstrel down from her snowbank perch as she approaches the leader of the group. "You can call me Satoshi, however. Snow Maiden's a title, not a name, y'know~?" Offering a frigid hand, the kit-vampire glances back at her guard and nods toward him. "And that's Tharn, my personal guard. He and three others will be joining you, along with a pair of mammoth. All I can spare, with the construction starting soon."

Allanon eyed the woman, astounded that they had found her so easily. Astounded once more at how fragile she seemed. Allanon however knew better than to underestimate her. For one that can tame the Giants of such a horrid land must be much more than she appears. He prepared himself for another bow when she was suddenly directly in front of him, her hand outreach towards him. "Of course M'lady, I apologize for my ignorance." Allanon was very formal, raised as he was, an elf with status, the many customs that came along with that upbringing had been the foot holes for how he had reached where he was now in everything he has done. Extending his own hand and allowing his digits to wrap around hers a careful shake of her hand was given. Then once he had let go he would turn to the Giant, then eye his hand, "Forgive me, but I believe it is best for a simple bow." The thought of a possible crushed hand didn't sit well with him, and so he spared the Giant a light bow. "It is nice to meet the both of you. And I am glad that you have offered me what you have M'Lady. Just to be clear, I am here this day under the name of the Rynvale Lumberyard. So forty percent of my income would of course go to its Mayor for taxes. I clarify this only because my own separate logging company has began as well. Though it is not yet large enough for what I will need to be doing here in these lands."

Satoshi nods along in understanding even as a hand disappears up her sleeve, retrieving a scroll and offering it out to the head lumberjack. "Forty percent, got it~. This is what you asked for, the permission from myself to log in the hunting grounds. Along with it es a map I've had made up, with the locations of different types of trees and such. Well," here the little frost bard winks conspiratorially at Allanon, "to the best of the mapper's knowledge. He's more adept at hunting, but he knows the woods well because of it, even if not the trees' names. He's one of the ones joining you~." Satoshi nods again, this time in the direction of the road. "They're waiting in the tavern for you. As is room et board. As long as you work for me, you sleep and eat for free~. I leave you now with Tharn, however. I've a lot of work to see to. Adieu. Was a pleasure, Master Allanon~. We'll see each other again soon, of that I'm sure~."

Allanon glanced to the Giant mentioned and after giving a slight bow to him as well he would give a final bow to the Queen before she would exit. "Thank you once more M'lady, do keep in mind. We still have need of a conference in the near future. Perhaps later this day, or tomorrow at the Tavern." Turning to Tharn he would nod once the Snow Maiden had left, "To the Tavern then.." Following the Giant, Allanon and his freezing men who had been idly moving about behind him to keep warm follow quickly, not caring that the Giant had a marge larger pace than they. It would keep them warm while they ran, and surely he would lead them to the Tavern, where hopefully the warmth would bless their bodies.

Satoshi waves a hand in farewell and acknowledgement to Allanon, calling back a tuneful, "Of course~." And with that the foxkin is gone, off to oversee other construction tasks elswhere, leaving Tharn with the logging crew. With a bow, the guard turns on a heel and heads for the tavern, offering a polite, "This way, please. We'll get you settled, warmed, and introduced." Dutifully the young guard leads them along, taking them straight to the warmth of the massive tavern, and the three other giants waiting. {{Region:Frostmaw|RPs}