RP:Mechanical Difficulties

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Part of the Arctic Construction Arc


  • Logging Crew and Frost Giant Guard, Tharn (NPCs).

Chapter Eight of Arctic Construction

Deeper Into the Woods

Having traveled a good amount of time you find yourself in the middle of a heavily wooded area. The trees make your movements difficult and hamper your vision even more than to the south. You you struggle to push against the branches and move in the snow beneath you, you can see that an opening to the woods leads to the north, while to the south the trees thin out. During your traveling you also see a small, hidden, path to your east. Another well hidden path leads to the west, however you can tell that this path has rarely been traveled in the last several months or even years.

Allanon and his crew continued to work. What once was a forested landscaped was quickly being altered by Allanon and his crew. The lumber company he led was officially a business from Rynvale and owned by the Harbor of Rynvale as well. Allanon only directed and ran the business for the Mayoress who was now Lady Arien. Ever since he could remember he ran the yard. Even when he was a child he had worked for the previous director. Looking about the area it was easy to see this wasnt his first go around. Broken tools began to gather in a pile, their smithy had stopped with his special saw to repair them. It seemed the cold was more than most of the saws could handle and the dwarf Smithy was already being overworked by the number of repairs needed. This also slowed their progress more than Allanon could have predicted. With the dwarf fixing tools the runic saw they had obtained from the workshop in Xalious was unusable. Allanon quickly grew tired of this, he and his two highest ranking leaders began to work as well. The power of their magics helping to cut through trees so as to safe the strength of their blades for when they may be needed later. Progress continued, slowly. The logs that have been cut down and stripped of limbs were piled in one of the cleared areas with only a few stumps on each side to keep them from rolling this way or that. As for the brush it was quickly being burned in a large fire near the center of camp. While Allanon, Hector, and Eliwood cut down trees others would follow quickly behind them and clear the logs of their limbs, then another group would haul the debris to the fire and the logs to the designated storage area. Each of the three had cleared another nine to twelve trees each when the dwarf arrived to share words with them.

Allanon | The dwarf spoke as the two that were sent back to Xalious approached from behind carrying the machines. “My lords, I believe I may have an idea that may help us to continue our work at a quicker pace.” Allanon and the others were intrigued, “Go ahead, speak up then.” Hector replied quickly. “I believe there may be a way for others of our crew to run our special saws. But Ill need time to tinker with them which of course means that I cant work on the damaged tools that have already been accumulating near my tent. I ask which you wish me to do?” Allanon would reply back to him first. “I see why you ask, while attempting to make the saws usable by others it hurts our currently already damaged progress because the tools we have are not repaired as needed. However, if you can get the advanced saws working, then that cutback will more than pay for itself in the end.” As he ended Eliwood would add, “My friend, while I am always up for a gamble here, we do not know that he can indeed make them work. So the question that need answering is a simple one. Which way does one choose to gamble, towards work at a slower pace, or to the hope and belief that our dwarven friend can help to quicken our progress in the end.” The others that were near only looked to the elf, some counted in their heads the number of words he had just spoken and even lost count. Allanon smiled to his friend, “Well, I know which I would choose,” then with a knowing gaze he would glance to each of his trusted officers and as always they would smile and nod in return. Turning back to the dwarf he would speak. “I have never been one for gambling my dwarven friend, however, like everyone I tend to stick with my belief and hope in people. Do what you can and report back to me only when others may run our machines.” With a smile the dwarf had never shown before he grinned ear to ear and gave a light bow before rushing as fast as his little stout legs could carry him. The two that carried the machines followed after him.

Allanon looked to the sky in hopes of seeing the bright afternoon sun. Something he hadnt seen since arriving in the frozen wasteland known to the natives as Frostmaw. He missed the sun, the warming radiance that fell on their skin whenever they were outside. But as he looked he saw only the same thing he always saw here, falling snow and clouds blanketing the skies. Lowering his head he looked around for the Giants that had proven to be of much help to them even though they were only ordered to watch over the group. Tharn was the only one in sight, he worked now with a giant stone, one three times the size of the high elfs head, and a sword, one that made the everyday broadsword appear as if a miniature katana. He approached him as always, from the front, slightly afraid of what may happen if he surprised him by mistake. “How can I help you Allanon?” he asked as he neared. Tharn and Allanon were on first name informal basses now. “I believe me and my men may need to acquire some more food after all. The cold of this land makes our tools fragile and our bodies worn. We will need more time than we had thought here.” The giant seemed to not answer as he inspected his blade by looking down the blade, then finally he spoke. “The others have already been sent hunting, they should return within a couple more days. Your current food supply should be well enough until they return.” Allanon and Tharn shared words for a time more before he would leave him and inspect more of his crew.

Allanon | It wasnt until the next day after he had awaken from a cold sleep that the dwarf finally returned to him. Held in his hand was one of the machines that he had rigged so that any of the crew could operate them. “Is it done then?” he asked. “Indeed it is Allanon. The machines run off of heat. So I removed the lubricating system that kept the chains cool. This allowed for the chain to keep its heat and now when the chain completes one cycle the rune drains from the chain the heat that normally would cause it to warp or break. So long as the chain is in use the engine will run. As for going tree to tree so long as one doesn't take their sweet time getting to another tree it will remain running.” The dwarf looked to Allanon as he finished, hoping he would understand the amount of work and effort he had gone through to get all four saws ready by the early morning hours. And indeed he had. With a smile he placed a hand on the dwarfs shoulder, “Well done friend. Now get those machines to some of the others and you can take a break before tackling your next obstacle.” Allanon had inclined his head towards the dwarf's tent. Turning and as if seeing it for the first time the pile of tools seemed as if a small mountain beside his tent. With a long sigh he would do as he was told, happy that he was given at least some time for a break and a few winks of sleep.

Allanon | Progress continued, quicker now as the saws began to work. The pile of logs was getting too tall at one point and so another pile was needed and so started beside that one. Happy with the progress his crew was now making he joined in on their work. Standing around and doing nothing only led to sickness in this weather after all.