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Part of the Arctic Construction Arc


  • Logging Crew and Frost Giant Guard, Tharn (NPCs).

Chapter Ten of Arctic Construction

Deeper Into the Woods

Having traveled a good amount of time you find yourself in the middle of a heavily wooded area. The trees make your movements difficult and hamper your vision even more than to the south. You you struggle to push against the branches and move in the snow beneath you, you can see that an opening to the woods leads to the north, while to the south the trees thin out. During your traveling you also see a small, hidden, path to your east. Another well hidden path leads to the west, however you can tell that this path has rarely been traveled in the last several months or even years.

Allanon looked around him inspecting the progress that had been made over the past couple weeks. At one time this was a large and untouched forest that the Giants valued for good hunting. Now it lay around him, a vast amount of it cut. In the center of the area you see a large fire where the tops of the trees, called brush, were being burned, each of them too small to make lumber out of. Working in the light snowfall were those that were beneath Allanon, each of them accepted into this line of work by himself and him alone, no other dictated who would work for him. One may need to be careful when around these men as well, for from first appearance you would think them more devious than one would find Allanon. The High Elf hired any and all that came looking for work, this of course led to his work force being filled with the most rugged of criminals. But each did as they were told, and each knew not to step out of line, those that had in the past were no longer part of his crew and would find that the pay that was owed to them would not be received. Many logs would be seen piled on the edge of the now cleared land, stumps being all that remained of the precious forest. Allanon nodded to his two right hand men that had just glanced his way, they knew he was pleased by their progress even in this frozen wasteland.

Ayameko had taken to exploring once again. She had found a cliff and climbed it to find a new city covered with snow. She'd gazed about with wonder at this winter wonderland of a city. It made her smile and she found herself rushing along and going this way and that. Then she came to the hunting grounds and was curious of what sort of animals might she find, confident that she would be able to take care of herself should she need to. She moved without thinking just gazing around, she thought she saw a wolf cub and had followed it only to end up completely lost. She heard the sound of chopping and carefully made her way towards it. She emerged from the tree line just as one of the giants completed felling one of the trees. A look of sadness entered her eyes when she saw the amount of wood that had been cut away. That thought was driven away when one of the giants called sharply to her and she saw that one of the trees was falling right towards her. She let out a startled cry and leapt to one side. She was narrowly missed and one of the giants helped her up, leering a bit as his eyes seemed to be taking in the signs of her slavitude, the collar and the bracelets most notable. Ayameko spoke softly, and seemed to be gazing about a bit frantically, her long white blonde hair seemed to gleam in the sunlight her pale ears almost blending in save for the glint of the piercings. Allanon heard another shout which filled the air every so often warning others of a fell tree. This time however it was Tharn that issued the warning, which Allanon thought odd. He walked over to that area of the site slowly. The trees in these woods were large and most were extremely large in diameter. Such was the strength of Frostmaw's trees. “Allanon, you are needed here!” Tharn would call. Tharn was the giant assigned to Satoshi, Queen of Frostmaw. Him and a few of his kind were asked to follow Allanon and his men for protection. Them getting bored soon enough offered to help with the clearing. At the call Allanon jumped into a sprint and reached the area only to see Tharn helping a woman to her feet after what he assumed could have been a fatal accident. The men gathered around her quickly, some whistling others whispering sexual threats, these were easily heard by the high elf. “Alright! None of you are involved, return to your commanders!” he shouted and directly after they would disperse. Tharn and another of the Giants would remain along with the woman. Reaching her he would offer a low bow after lowering his hood. “I am called Allanon and I am in control of the work you see before you. Please except my apologies for what could have been a complete disaster.” Allanon was clothed currently in wolf pelts, furs given to him by Satoshi herself to keep him warm. The rest of the men wore similar furs. One without them would surely be freezing in such a climate.

Ayameko held a bit of an innocent aura and it wasn't quite clear if she was trembling from fear or the freezing climate. Her blue eyes were wide, clearly a combination of the event and the whispered sexual threats had her slightly fearful. Being so close it was clear to see that the high elfess was quite beautiful, and the thin material of the dress did nothing to conceal her curves that the dress clung to so readily. She lowered her eyes in respect, her high elven heritage was clearly seen, and she was clearly of marriagable age despite the feeling of innocence that enveloped her. Her words came softly and held an innocent yet alluring quality to them, "Please Master Allanon, this one begs forgiveness for trespassing and begs to not be handed off to the giants for their use... she would not wish to have her Master angry with her for devaluing his goods. She is a good slave and will gladly work to make up for tresspasses." There was some fear in her voice but she seemed unwilling to look up. Her speech held an accent which suggested that she was of noble birth yet she spoke without thought in what was commonly known as slave speak. Allanon listened to her words and then after looked to Tharn, “Take a break my friend and report to Lady Frostmaw of our progress.” With that he would give a nod and the two giants would leave releasing the woman. Allanon took another step closer to her, his eyes surveying her body quickly, something he wasnt able to stop until it was already done. It had been done quickly enough and he played it off well with his next words. “Please, you do not need call me Master, I am but a simple being after all.” His eyes scanned her again, “But miss, are you not chilled in your current clothing? Such a thin material leaves you with little defense against these lands bitter winds and freezing air.” He had dismissed much of everything else she had said to him. Nothing would need be done. His mind rushed with wonder about this woman. Where she had come from, why she was dressed so poorly, why such one of such bloodline would call another Master...and call herself goods.

Ayameko listens to his words but she still does not look up, keeping her head bowed. She shivered a bit before she answered his last question first, "Aye Master, this one did not know what she would be finding. This one had never left Rynvale, or her father's garden's before the slavers took her. And please Master, all free are either Master or Mistress.. this one does not have the right to call any by their name like equals unless they to are slaves." She looks up then, her eyes a mixture of fear and resignation that had long ago entered her eyes on her position. She tucked a stray strand of hair behind one of her ears, he would easily be able to see her slave bracelets now, denoting her as nothing more than property in combination with her choker collar. Her words were clearly reinforced now with these tangiable objects, someone had enslaved his kind.

Allanon removed his cloak and wrapped it around the woman, should she resist or insist against it he would only reply, “Is it normal for you to go against ones wishes?” Although it only helped to reinforce her belief in her bondage he would rather do so than have her freeze to death while in his care. Finally after a moment he would place a single hand upon her shoulder lightly, careful to have a smile on his face, “You no longer have to worry your pretty little self. Ill take care of you, you dont need to go back anywhere...” he hesitated a moment and then added, “If any shall hunt you, they shall be hard pressed to take you from myself. These men here do as I command, nobody would have a chance to reach you.” he couldnt help but feel for the woman. One of his kind had arrived in Frostmaw, and a woman, something he hadnt had for a while now. However he kept himself calm and collected, this woman was of his own kind, she was to be respected and honored as such.

Ayameko tilts her head as he places his cloak about her. She started to protest til his words silenced her and she accepted with a simple, 'Yes Master.' As he placed a hand on her shoulder she'd blink and gaze up to him. At his words she looks fearful and concerned and the concern is soon realized, "My Master has killed or enslaved all that have stood against him. A Master once took this one and claimed that she was now his and my Master killed him." She gazed up to him, one hand reaching up, should he allow it, to cup the side of his face as her face softened and she spoke without it being in slave speak, "I couldn't allow one of my heritage to meet the same fate. I may no longer hold the status i once did but I couldn't let another of my kind fall into the bondage I have unless they wished it." Her eyes searched his own as they gazed almost it seemed into his very soul. Her hand was surprisingly warm against his cheek despite her arm and wrist being cool, the metal bracelet encasing her wrist reminded him of her status.

Allanon stood, frozen not by the frozen chill of the midday air but instead by the woman's touch. A warming sensation filled him as she gazed at him, their eyes focusing on each other. “Just as you wish to not see another in bonds with you I wish to release you from those bonds!” Suddenly he found he could move again as his own hand reached forward and grasped her wrist firmly. “Dont worry about me, I can tend to myself, it takes more than a bit of gold to tame these kind of people.” Once more he had nothing but a smile on his face as Tharn returned. “Allanon, the message was sent, also, 'He' has returned.” Allanon nodded in thanks and then turned back to the woman, “It seems you will learn a little of my power after sooner than I had thought. As his words ended the winds would change, the snow fall which had fell steadily would go askew as the changed winds blew it everywhich way. Most would raise a hand to protect their face against the frozen bite of the winds, but Allanon had not, instead he stood, the woman behind him now as a large beast landed from the air before him. A wyvern, the largest one any other has ever seen. Larger than most dragons in fact, this Wyvern Lord was Ancient and existed for thousands of years now. Allanon stepped forward after releasing the high elf from his grasp. As he walked away Tharn would speak to the woman. “That beast is called a Wyvern. Its not from these parts, its hide is not of scales like our own. This creature has seen many more moons than any other of its kind. And Allanon controls him not through force, but through a mutual respect each now carries for the other. He doesnt even give the creature a name, he wishes to not demote him as if a pet. The Wyvern would bring its large head down and from its maw would fall the body of a large mammoth. “you did well my friend,” Allanon spoke, “This shall feed us for another few days. Now, go find something for yourself.” After a few great flaps of its wings it lept into the air once more, the winds reacting and seemingly lifting it upwards before it would fly away to the north. Allanon stood before the dead Mammoth now, a good twenty or so feet from the elf. Tharn stood at her side still, observing.

Ayameko continued to hold his gaze as he spoke, a soft gasp of surprise leaving her lips as he gripped her wrist. She gazed to Tharn as he returned with a message and she tilted her head as she listened to both. At the winds change she reacted without thought and diverted the winds to go around her after she felt the inital bite of them. Her eyes widened at the sight of the Wyvern and she stepped closer behind Allanon for a moment. The warmth of her body wrapped in his cloak pressed against him for a moment before he walked forward. Ayameko gazed to Tharn as he spoke then looked to the large Wyvern and Allanon. She watched the exchange with interest, a curiosity lighting up in her eyes. Then she gazed to the dead Mammoth and a soft song rose from her lips. An old elven song that was commonly sung or said over prey to thank them for the gift of life they were being given through the end of the creature's own life. Saying that instead they lived on through them and the lives of their own that would eat from it. At the song's end she'd look to Allanon, her eyes asking if what she'd done was alright. Unbeknownist to her a few of the giants stood as if they were enraptured by the siren like quality of her voice. There was a look of respect in her eyes for the High Elven man before her.

Allanon turns as the song enters the air, such a thing he has missed as well. Not all of his kind knew and sung such songs, to find one that did and sung well was a rarity even in those that carry his race's bloodline. After the song had ended he would smile once more and give her an approving nod. “Tharn, if I may,” he would say as he re-approached the woman. “Of course,” he would reply as another of the group spoke, “Ill prepare dinner.” They had learned sometime ago that to cook meat in Frostmaw it took many more hours than back home. The magic the woman had used before had gone unnoticed by himself, the only magic he possessed was that of his Gentle Blade technique. At least, it was the only magic he had yet to discover. Once alone, as alone as they could be in midday in this area, he would grasp her hands softly and say only, “Beautiful.”

Ayameko felt a slight blush cross her cheeks though likely hidden by the rosy color her cheeks held from the cold air. She tilted her head wondering what Allanon was asking Tharn permission for before he rejoined them. She gazed to him as he once more grasped her hands softly and simply said beautiful. She looked down then gazed back up to him as she replied, "I thought it fitting to send it off in the older ways." She replied softly, then as if catching herself for speaking freely she adds, "If it pleases you Master Allanon, this one is called Ayameko." Ayameko then gazed back up to him, her hands in his own still. Apart of her seems very comfortable with him another part seems to be still very much locked into her training and conditioning. Her eyes lower with long full eyelashes prettily concealing them.

Allanon whispers, “Just Allanon,” as he bends lower and turns his head slightly, his lips puckered slightly as he reached for a kiss, to feel her soft lips upon his own. Just before he may he would stop if she hadnt stopped him already. He would turn away from her, “I am sorry, I was out of line.” he said simply, his own head tilted downward in such shame that he often felt when he stepped out of line and realized it almost too late. “Its great to finally have a name to put with your pretty face, Ayameko.”

Ayameko softly breathes his name without the Master, as if trying her best to appease him, "Allanon.." She whispers then she watches as he bends and seems to be coming in for a kiss. She closes her eyes, not resisting, her heart beating at the thought of her first kiss. When he turned from her she blinked and stepped closer to him, she hugged him slightly from behind as if to cheer him up as she whispered, "Allanon, I wasn't resisting... I would have gladly had my first kiss with you..." She blushes as she says this then steps back as she says, "I won't be running away Allanon, besides the fact that I was hopelessly lost when I stumbled upon your camp... It is not in my nature to disobey... and if I'm correct I do believe you've said I am to stay... and I am still slave...as long as these bracelets and collar remain and likely awhile longer after... I have been reconditioned to be this way..." It seemed to be taking great effort for her to speak normally now and not call him Master first. She trailed off as she simply gazed to him, as if awaiting for his response... a blush darkening her face noticeably as she realizes she's basically offered him her first kiss.

Allanon turns slowly as he looks down to her, the woman slender figure hidden beneath his cloak. A single hand reaches up and lifts her chin upwards so that she could look into his eyes, “I dont want you to leave, ever.” He leaned in once more, quicker than before and pressed his lips against her own angelically soft ones. He didnt know what made him feel so for this woman he had just met, perhaps it was more than just the wanting of a woman in his bed, perhaps it was more that he wanted a woman in his life, one that he could call his own.

Ayameko feels her chin lifted and her eyelashes flutter open as she gazes up into his eyes. She feels a rush of goosebumps run over her arms at his words. When he leans in she once more closes her eyes as her arms encircle around him. Her own soft lips unsure against his own as they yielded to his own. Stepping closer she felt her heart beating faster, her stomache felt as if their was butterflies in it and something about this man... he called to her in a way she wasn't used to. In that moment the world just fell away, it was just her and Allanon. Allanon | When finally the kiss would end he would pull away from her, his own arms wrapped around her as well. “Tell me, who is it that has enslaved our race?” he asked slowly and hesitantly. She was still in his arms, the feel of her lips against his still fresh in his mind.

Ayameko would gaze up at him with a blush still tinting her cheeks. She nestled into his arms as she says, "I was captured by a group of men, I'm unsure of their races, in Rynvale. I was later sold to Cormac the slaver. He has been my Master since then."

Allanon thought for some time on her words. He would need to meet with Arien, the current Mayoress of Rynvale Port. He has shared words with her in the past and surely a council with her would not be so hard to obtain, should he be able to return home for sometime. “Dont worry Ayameko, Ill protect you, we just need to work on getting these things off of your body. That way, perhaps, if you want, we could be together for good.” his words were soft and slightly hesitant, he wanted to be with this woman.

Ayameko nestles against Allanon, still in his arms. At his words she gazed up to him as she whispered, "You want me in your life despite having been degraded down to a slave? I... I have some emotional scars M.. Allanon." She looks to her braceleted wrists and fingers her choker collar. Her fingers undid the choker from around her neck and slipped it into her satchel. The bracelets on the other hand.... she gazed down at them then looked up to him once more as she whispered, "I've never felt this way before Allanon, it's all so confusing yet exciting for me... My heart is soaring thinking I could be yours for good yet at the same time I'm afraid and feeling as if I'm a terrible girl for abandoning my Master... for letting myself stay here and not even trying to fight you to do as my mind is telling me I should..."

Allanon's hands gripped her own after she spoke. “Would you leave me, leave my arms, leave us?” he asked his voice raised even though he had not intended it to. “Our kind are not slaves, we are nobility. We belong to each other and no other. Me to you, and you to I.” he leaned downward again and gave her another kiss, missing already the presence of her lips against his own. The men around them had slowed on their working and instead turned to watch, Allanon had yet to see this, he had even forgotten they were there.

Ayameko looked down at his gripping of hands. His voice raising so startled her a bit. She started to respond only to feel his lips upon hers once more. She returned his kiss with a bit more confidence, using her entire body almost it seemed in the kiss. Her body arching against his own through the cloak, lips yielding trying to assure him that she wasn't leaving him. She to did not seem to notice the men that had paused in their work to watch them. She had no idea that her movements and actions weren't just being recieved by Allanon but were becoming a visual treat to all of his workers. After the kiss ends she'd whisper, "No... I won't leave you Allanon... I don't know what this is that you've invoked in me but I won't leave you...willingly. I will not leave you..."

Allanon smiled at her through her words then gave a light kiss to her forehead. “Nor I you.” he responded after a short time. Suddenly the winds would rise again, this time not from that of a large beast but instead from the oncoming storm. Feeling the wind in this way he realized what was happening. Turning from his woman he would shout to the men. “Storm!” at the shout the whole camp began to buzz with even more activity as tents lines were checked to make sure they were secured, Tools were placed in an assigned place and quickly the men retreated for cover. Turning back to Ayameko he would say, “Come with my quickly, these storms get bad fast!” he was shouting over the winds and the heavy snowfall that found their work site already. He pulled her by the wrist, not wanting to lose her, towards his tent. The tent he had memorized its location after the past couple storms just like this. They would reach the tent just as the brunt of the storm would hit. The large A frame tents had each of their front and rear entrances open. Allanon worked quickly to tie the back and then the front after the last of his friends entered with them. A small oil lamp was lit and Allanon sat in the corner of the tent. He motioned once for the woman to come to him and sit beside him. Really, he just wanted to fill her body against his own once more.

Ayameko smiles up to him before she felt the winds rising as well. She heard the shout and glanced around as she took in what everyone was doing. She ran with Allanon moving as quickly as she could. She felt the harsh storm starting to hit and followed him into the tent. She gazed to the elf and human man that entered the tent after him before he sealed up the tent. Ayameko moved to his side at once, removing the cloak to spread it around them both. She nestled against him as she listened to the sounds of the storm. She then looked to the two men as she spoke, her voice maintaining that soft quality yet seemed to be carried clearly to them, "I am called Ayameko..." She then glanced to Allanon, a small smile crossing her face as she added, "I've promised to be Allanon's."

Allanon smiled and gave her a quick hug as the others began to speak. “Promised to Allanon huh, Moving a bit fast arent you my old friend?” Allanon responded simply, “what is time to matters of the heart Eliwood, you should understand that better than most I would think.” The human would simply nod then add, “She appears to mean more to him than any other we have known him to court before. Let them be and let us wait out this storm.” Allanon pulled her closer and huggled himself against her as well, playfully he gave a lick to her earlobe.

Ayameko nestled into his hug and blushed at the comment about moving to fast. She almost opened her mouth to say something before the human made his remark. She blushed to find out that bit of information and simply snuggled closer to Allanon and bit back a giggle as he licked her earlobe. She gazed up to him then and simply gazed into his eyes for a long moment. She repeated the words in her mind ~Promised to Allanon~ It sounded very nice to her. She leaned her head against his shoulder and lightly pressed a kiss against his neck. Her mind debating on if she could help move the storm along faster. She believed she could and closed her eyes as she rested against him, focusing on manipulating the winds to push the storm faster over them. Allanon remained where he was, an arm wrapped around her beneath the warmth of their cloak. The human and elf continued their chatter, leaving the others to their own business.

Ayameko opened her eyes as she completed her little push. It was still storming but the time would hopefully have been cut down in half. She was in no rush to leave Allanon's arms but... the less time the storm moved over their camp the less amount of danger decreased in her logic. She smiles widely as she looks up to Allanon as she asks, "What duties can I help with here?"

Allanon listened to her speak, such a sweet voice. “Well, do you have any talents or magic that could be helpful?” he would ask. His mind suddenly jumped back to the first sight of her, thin material dress, so thin that it hid nothing from view in the end, the material was slightly transparent. The shape of her body couldnt leave his mind, 'it has been a while,' he thought to himself and let out a slight chuckle by mistake.

Ayameko nods her head as she replies, "I'm handy with elemental magic, I'm a fair cook, I can sew together garments as well as embroider." She takes a deep breath, "I am able to do most household duties but I'm rather... directionally challenged so just don't ask me to go and map something out." She giggles, after all, her getting lost is what brought her to him. She looked up to him then and pressed a sweet kiss to his cheek. Her body molded to his as if she was made to be by his side.

Allanon thought for a moment or so, “I am not quite sure, the men cook whatever we can find over the brush fire. Clothes...i guess they could be cleaned, but how could you clean them here, the water would freeze before you finished?...Besides, why do you want to do anything at all?”

Ayameko nodded her head as she listened. "I just want to be useful... how could i just sit here and do nothing? It wouldn't be right." She responded softly. She thought about it as she said after awhile, "I'm sure I could figure out how to clean clothes without the water freezing. Though that would likely cause need for a stable wooden structure to be built. And that seems to be counter productive since the camp i guess moves as trees are felled..." She grows sad in tone as she thinks about all the trees being felled but then looks back up to him as she says, "I need to have a purpose Allanon."

Allanon thought a bit more trying to find a place for her amongst the ruffians that he commanded. He worried about every idea he had, not for her abilities, but for the guys she would be around. He knew that if any of them laid a hand upon her they would be 'lost' by morning. But still he thought and continued to think, “You know this is our first and only location here in Frostmaw to log. Satoshi has given me rights to these woods to cut so that the wood harvested may be used to further expand her city. Perhaps I can make this tent a bit bigger, and you could care for myself and my two friends? And, if a storm brews, you could help to protect my men until we are all safetly inside our tents. What do you think?”

Allanon thought a bit more trying to find a place for her amongst the ruffians that he commanded. He worried about every idea he had, not for her abilities, but for the guys she would be around. He knew that if any of them laid a hand upon her they would be 'lost' by morning. But still he thought and continued to think, “You know this is our first and only location here in Frostmaw to log. Satoshi has given me rights to these woods to cut so that the wood harvested may be used to further expand her city. Perhaps I can make this tent a bit bigger, and you could care for myself and my two friends? And, if a storm brews, you could help to protect my men until we are all safetly inside our tents. What do you think?”

Ayameko looked to him as he seemed to be in thought. She nodded her head as she listened to his words. She gazed to his two friends then back to him as she says, "If they accept that I'd be willing to do so. And Aye, I could do my best to hold of storms til they were all safely inside their tents." She smiles softly, it wasn't much but it was still something she could do to be helpful.

Allanon stood as suddenly the wind would die away, “It seems Mother Dearest has decided to end the storm.” The human would say, “Aye, only she could conjure such a mystical storm with such strength.” replied the other. Allanon opened the flaps on the tent and threw them open to allow a bit of the light inside as another put out the oil lamp. “I have to see my friends, I dont think she agrees with what we are doing. The storms are getting worse with each passing day.” Allanon had spoken then, now he turned to Ayameko. “These storms are magical, created by an ancient dragon that we believe to live to the north. The storm cant be shifted away from us completely, only held off for a short time. And as was said, they grow stronger each day. Think you can handle it still?” he looked at her worriedly, he didnt want her to exhaust herself.

Ayameko thought about what she had just been told. After a long moment she nods her head as she says, "I think I will be able to at least hold off the storm til the men get to safety." She stands after he does, bending to pick up the cloak and holding it drapped over her arm. She looks out of the open tent flap and seems contemplative. She shivers as she recalls that the last dragon she'd met had also been a beast of a Master. She looks down at her slave bracelets once more, for a moment feeling that familiar sting in the back of her skull. She shook her mind of it then looked once more to Allanon before she says, "I'll do my best... I suppose I should go and try to find more appropriate clothing than this thin dress yes M... Allanon?"

Allanon nodded, “Yes, if you wear only that dress I am not sure how much longer I myself would be able to resist you...I can have some clothes made for you. A tunic and some pants. Perhaps..you could wear that gown to bed? I am sure it would be more comfortable for you that way.”

Ayameko tilts her head as she gazes to Allanon as if trying to make sense of what he just said. Then she does and blushes hotly as she looks down and replies, "Yes that sounds nice..." She had never before worn pants and a tunic but she hoped that perhaps she'd still be feminine enough. She looked over to Allanon then over to the other two in the tent. "I'm sure i can wear the gown to bed... where will i be sleeping? In here with you or...?"

Allanon didnt have time to answer, instead the human responded first. “Dont worry you two, Ill be sure to rig up another tent that the two of us can stay in when it comes time for sleep.” Eliwood nodded in agreement as they each stood and exited into back into the frozen wasteland from the protection of their tent. The wind was blowing lightly but still enough to chill one to the bone should they not be use to such temperatures. Allanon looked back to Ayameko, “Looks like your sleeping with me,” he grinned as he gave her another hug and stole a kiss.

Ayameko blushed softly as the human responded first. She nodded to him then to the elf Eliwood before shivering as she quickly placed the cloak around herself before looking up to Allanon. She nodded her head, only able to smile up at him before she felt his warm embrace and his lips upon her own. She returned the kiss softly, feeling giddy with so much affection being shown towards her.

Allanon smiles at her and offers another kiss, “Alright, I need to get back to work. If you leave the tent, as I am sure you will, please be careful. And dont leave the work area, there are wolves about.” he said, worry filled his eyes and heart as his words left his lips. “I dont want anything to happen to you.”

Ayameko giggles and nods her head. "I won't leave the work area. I think I'll help Tharn with Dinner. I should be safe with him yes?" She said with a smile up to him. She could see the worry in his eyes and wanted to pacify it. She pressed a gentle kiss to his lips then wrapped the cloak more securely about her. "Shall we go out to work?"

Allanon nods, “Aye, let us be off then.” With that he released her and exited the tent back outside. The sun still seemed to be absent from view and the clouds that released the gentle snowfall still remained as always. Still somehow the snow would always seem to blind anyone that was surrounded by it, and it was hard not to be in these lands. Allanon walked off then after pointing Ayameko towards the fifteen foot tall creature who was called Tharn. He and another Giant were working, skinning the beast that had been left to them, it looked as though they were near completion, as though the storm hadn't hampered their progress much if at all. The other men had already returned to their assigned areas and Eliwood and Hector were good at putting to work those that didn't want to be, except themselves. Allanon was there for that. Allanon started to the east where he would walk around the perimeter of the site, checking for things that might mean danger.

Ayameko smiled as she headed towards Tharn. She walked lightly, the barest of footfalls on the snow. They were covered quickly so it was almost as if there was no trace of her. A disturbing thought. She smiled as she approached Tharn and his assistant. Seeing they were almost done with the skinning She turned and seemed to be concentrating. The next thing one knew one of the dwarfs was letting out a startled cry as he walked into a solid wall of ice and snow. Ayameko had erected a shed almost large enough to cook the large mammoth. The walls were amazingly thick and in fact the structure looked large enough to fit two mammoths wide and 3 giants high. The front was partially open to act as a door. She then looked towards the dwarf and after checking to ensure he was okay somehow seemed to charm him into getting kindling for her. She then made her way to Tharn, careful to stand a distance away from what he was doing with the knife before speaking to him and asking what was going to be cooked how so she could ready it.

Allanon continued his rounds, he stopped at each of the points where a look out was stationed and asked if anything had changed since before the storm had hit. All reported no noticeable change. After that he grabbed his axe and walked to the closest fell tree. Summing his own magic the blade of the axe filled with his power. The blade even began to glow dully, almost noticeably to all whose eyes weren't fixated upon it. He swung it downward and without even touching the limb on the side of the felled tree it would snap off as if he had hit it normally. A branch nearly six inches thick, cleared from the trunk with a single magical blow. What form of magic could this be? Meanwhile, across the way, Tharn had turned and spoken with Ayameko. “We will cut it all up today, make portions then cook what is needed for everyone.” as he spoke the last bit of hide was finally removed from the beast.

Ayameko nodded her head. As she turned and walked into the structure, the dwarf entering a short time later. She thanked the dwarf and kissed his forehead before sending him off to his work. Giggling as he left with a bit of a stammer. She remembered how her father used to do that to her and the other children he'd taught. How she missed him and her home isle. She shook such thoughts from her head as she arranged the kindling and wood. Ayameko then took to constructing some of the wood into a frame so that pots and pans could be used to cook over the wood. That done she went in search of said pots and pans.

Allanon| Pots and pans would be slightly difficult to find on ones own. They werent used often and few were brought with them. When you could cook over an open fire pans and pots were just unnessary wieght. However some of the men had brought their own and each could be found in a small rough looking newly constructed building along with other such supplies. One who saw this shack like structure would wonder how it made it through as many storms as they have seen. But better to accept whats there than to question the logic behind it. Allanon was still working three trees he finally cleared before he would set his axe in a holster upon his back. By now the men had trampled down the fresh powder so it hampered their movement little more than before now. Though he stood resting and catching his breath his eyes still worked, they darted around the part of the work site that he could see. He was amazed at how large the pile of Logs had gotten and wondered next how only four giants could lift them so high, then wondered how they would get them down to move.