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Premiums refer to Hollow Premium Services. Players can buy credits ($1 USD = 1 Credit) or subscribe to services by clicking the 'Premium Services' link at the top of each game screen. Some services, like houses and shops, require administrator involvement for activation.

Premium Price List

Service First Month Cost Subsequent Month Cost Description
No Ads 10 / year Remove all advertising from Hollow
Custom Character Page 10 / year Display a custom webpage when a person looks at you or clicks on your name in the who list
Quick Mine 5 5 Use all of your stamina to mine all at once, limited only by the daily mining limit
Quick Rest 5 2 Double the pace at which you regain stats while resting
Respawn at Mines 1 1 Set your respawn location to the mines
House 5 2 Customize a room in Hollow
Shop 10 4 Own a shop, allowing you to sell goods to other players. More information
Custom Recall 3 2 Set a custom recall location for your personal use along with a custom arrival and departure narrative

Some services have setup fees, included in the first month's cost. After the first month, you will pay a lower price on many services. If you wish to transfer a service or credits to someone else, there is a 1 credit transfer fee.

Refunds are available within 10 days of credit purchase, reduced by any amount of used credits and processing fees (credit card costs, cost of personnel canceling service, etc.). Contact technical support to cancel a service that has already been ordered, or to request a refund of purchased credits.

Premium FAQ

How do I set up a house or shop?

First, you will need some Hollow credits which you get by donating real money to Hollow.

Second, choose a location for your home. Ideal locations are houses that are pre-existing which are described as or are named “Empty”, “Vacant” or “To Let”. You are almost guaranteed to get these properties. Otherwise you will need to choose an unused spot or somewhere a room may fit. Please note just because you cannot move east does not mean there is nothing east, this may be a wall! Please make sure you have a backup choice in case your first is unavailable.

Third, write a description for the room. Please consider Hollow's setting when doing so. This mainly means don’t add any modern conveniences to it such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, machine guns etc.

Fourth, set up your house subscription; this is where your credits come into play. Type ‘Premiums’ into the command bar and you will be taken to your personal premium screen. Select ‘House’ from the service drop down menu, and the subscription period (how many months you want to own the house). Then click ‘Sign Up’. Don’t worry -- your subscription is not activated yet, but it is registered.

Finally, send an Hmail to Builder with your choice of location and room description. As soon as possible, they will set up the house and activate your subscription. The subscription will then be paid from this day onwards.

Note: You cannot use this function to build an area. You may have no more than a maximum of 10 houses/shops spread out across the realm, and no more than 6 clustered in a single location, such as a building. Rooms that are clustered together cannot represent a village or area. How many rooms can be clustered, and for what purpose, are to be approved by admin.

How do I transfer a service and or Credits?

*Transfering Services

First, you must have at least 1 credit to pay the transfer fee and a premium service you wish to transfer.

Type ‘premiums’ into the command bar. (Without the ‘)

Choose a service you want to transfer, across from the service to the right should be the renewal button and even further across the transfer button and its text box.

Type the name of the player you wish to receive the service into the text box.

Click the transfer button.

NOTE: When transfering player owned shops . Contact an administrator with your character name and the name of the character you have transfered the shop to. The process will not be complete until this is done.

*Transferring Credits

First, you must have 1 credit to pay for the transfer fee and some available credits to transfer.

Type ‘premiums’ into the command bar. (Without the ‘)

Underneath the New Subscription section of your screen should be the Transfer Credits section.

Type the name of the person you wish to receive the credits into the text box that is labelled ‘Transfer to’.

Underneath this text box type the number of credits you wish to transfer in the text box labelled ‘Number of Credits’

Click the Transfer located underneath the ‘Number of Credits’ text box. Please remember that if you are going to transfer the services/credits to your new character this must be done before it is deleted or you may be waiting sometime before the credits can be returned to your account.

See Change History for the details.