Song:The Zaytor's Hymn Competition

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Every entry wins!

First Prize: 50,000 gold

"Hymn to Zaytor"

by Joan

Oh hail to thee blessed Zaytor, great water god of Rynvale!

Oh hail to thee blessed Zyator, grant us this favor and blessing for calm waters.

For thee is the great temptest, the roaring booming thunder and the great crackling of lighting

For thee is the rolling boil of quicken lake and river waters

For thee is the still of a calm lake or overflowing river banks

Protect us and give us your blessing as we offer gifts of water and sea life

Please be at peace and bless us with large bounty of gifts from your many water resources

Guard us as we travel your lake and river ways as we pay you praise and worship, in awe of your great divinity

Second Prize: 20,000 gold

"Dear Zaytor"

by Sidd

Dearest Zaytor, an eternally beloved and much revered creator.

You filled these witches with so much elation, that we partied hard and poured out libations,

Apparently, you’re a God of various bodies of water? So thanks for not being, like, a God of slaughter,

You seem really cool and your followers have a great attitude, And for that, you have my eternal gratitude,

Anyhow, that’s all I had to say, Dear Zaytor, so keep it fresh - Later, gator.

Third Prize: 10,000 gold

"Praise Zaytor"

by Calista

All Hail the tempestuous Zaytor

Who, with thunderous trident, makes craters

To place lakes, storms and streams

The world moves as he deems

His power requires no praetor

This Doesn't Actually Mention Zaytor But Wins Anyway Prize, 5000 gold

"The Sea Maiden's Hymn"

by Lita

I stand upon this precipice, an immeasurable unknown.

Looking out across vast waters where you've named every stone.

And though my fear is honest, may it not outshine the light

Of this part of me I sacrifice to honor you tonight.

Please keep safe our travelers as they venture through the blue.

May you grant them storms' safe passage and their navigation true.

We give our hearts from the shoreline, a testament to faiths of old

But when the Maiden calls we don't hesitate to give our very souls.