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Cynarith the Bright

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Name: Cynarith
Nicknames: Cyna, Cyni and only the closest friends call her, Cyn
Age: Mature Adult in dragon years
Race: Dragon
Occupation: Model for her brother's clothing line, fragrance mogul, equine breeder/trader, restaurateur partner.
Socioeconomic status: Successful Elimdor Socialite
Other notes: Is always in the form of a Forsaken Elf - or her version of one. (Is it by choice? Who knows!)


Physical Appearance

Eye color: Turquoise
Skin color: Ivory
Hair color: Rose Gold/Pink
Height: 5'9"



This is Brennia’s alt.
If you’d like to plot some rp with Brennia, Irenic or Cynarith shoot me a tell, hmail, or even a mention in the Hollow discord server.

😊 ty and TTYS~

The image was created with Picrew’s “Witchcrew“