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Questions concerning the wiki:

1) How can I learn how to edit wiki pages?

2) What can I put on a wiki page?

  • Anything you like that is relevant to your character, as long as it remains within the Rules of Hollow's wiki. If you have specific questions towards what content can be posted, contact Tiphareth, Svilfon or Satoshi in-game. Spammers, or those who abuse their wiki privileges, will have them removed and may be punished in-game.

3) How can I get my own wiki page?

  • If you sign into the wiki using your name and password, you will see on the left hand side your name come up in red. That is a link to your own user page which you can feel free to edit. Help how to do so can be found here.

4) Where can I learn how to role-play, duel or stat?

  • There is a lot of information on the wiki about learning these things. A good starting guide is here. A good RP guide is here. And a good dueling guide is here. (There are many more pages on the wiki dedicated to these things, so do not be afraid to do your own search.)

5) If I need further help, where should I go?

  • The best place to find information is amongst the player guides or the 'Getting Started' section on the right hand side of the main page. Any further questions for which you cannot find the answers can always be asked in-game.