Titans of Winter Tournament 2024

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Titans of Winter

Frostmaw's annual Titans of Winter tournament returns! Try your hand in combat to see if you can claim the coveted championship title and become the next reigning Titan of Winter. Ever true to the laws of the unforgiving tundra, the kingdom of ice and snow promises glory for the mighty and ignominy for the vanquished, so be forewarned!

Rules and Details

  • Registration WILL OPEN SOON and be open until December 31st, and the first brackets will be announced on January 7th.
  • No entry fee required.
  • The duel dates and times will be announced days prior to allow duelists and watchers to prepare. Any scheduling issues need to be sorted before the day of the duel, and no-shows will be disqualified while a possible Back-up Entrant takes their place.
  • Duels will be the traditional 3 rounds and final defense, with either 15 or 20 minute rounds as agreed by duelists. (20 is default this year.)
  • All duels will be posted on the Wiki, please record and send your duels to Meri, Kanna, & Khitti.
  • Duelists will be required to find their judges either well before or on time for the duel, so once you have agreed a date with your partner, it is advised that you begin to search for judges. It is important that you and your opponent agree on judges. If you cannot agree on your judges, please inform Meri, Kanna, & Khitti ASAP. If none are available that you can agree on, it is suggested to begin the duel, record all posting times, and send it to judges afterward. Duelists may not judge other duels in the tournament until they have been defeated; at which time, they are permitted to operate as judges only in subsequent duels which do not feature the opponent whom they were defeated against.
  • Duelists are allowed to add further stakes to their duels if they so desire. If no additional stakes are agreed upon, 'auto-hit round to the winner' is the only additional aspect apart from the loser's elimination from the tournament.
  • Guests may organize betting pools if they so desire.
  • RP from and within the audience is permitted and encouraged! It goes without saying, of course, that the audience should not interact with the duelists for the sake of fairness.

Helpful Guides

For those who perhaps feel a little nervous or a little rusty about dueling or even judging, it sometimes helps to check out the various guides available on the Wiki. For those who are interested, you can check them out below:


  • Championship Prize: 250,000 gold and a +50 custom of their choosing.
    • Note: We will not accept requests to split the +50 into two +25s, nor will we upgrade two +25s to +50s. You may sell your existing custom back per the rules listed on the Customs Price List and request it be made into a +50 via the tournament prize instead.
  • Second Place: 100,000 gold, and a +25 custom their choosing.
  • First Round Completion Prize: 10,000 gold to anyone who completes their first round, regardless of if they win or lose.

Duel Locations & Environmental Attacks

This year we will be utilizing Dice Maiden in order to determine both the location and the environmental attack of the duel. Prior to the duel, the duelists will roll to determine:

  • Who goes first (/roll 1d2)
  • What location the duel will be at (/roll 1d20)
  • And what environmental attack they will have to face during their duel (/roll 1d14)

The list of locations and attacks that we will be using can be found here.


Looking for judges? Here's a list of potential candidates. You are not limited to this list.

  • Meri
  • Daisy
  • Kanna
  • Magikrios


  • Valrae (eliminated)
  • Jaxson (dropped out)
  • Mesdoram (dropped out)
  • Alex (eliminated)
  • Laezila (dropped out)
  • Quintessa
  • Khitti
  • Mathollak (eliminated)
  • Orikahn (dropped out)
  • Mahri (eliminated)
  • Vareth (dropped out)
  • Zahrani (eliminated)
  • Hanan (Replacement for Jaxson)


Titans of Winter 2024 Bracket

1st Round

Name VS Name Date Judges Victor
Orikahn VS Laezila -- -- Orikahn
Zahrani VS Vareth -- -- Zahrani
Mesdoram VS Mahri Sat, Feb 10th @ 4PM EST Meri, Daisy, Kang Mesdoram
Valrae VS Alex Sun, Jan 28th @ 3PM EST Meri, Magikrios, Daisy Alex

2nd Round

Name VS Name Date Judges Victor
Quintessa VS Orikahn -- -- Quintessa
Mathollak VS Zahrani Sat, March 2nd @ 4pm EST Meri, Valrae, Magikrios Mathollak
Hanan VS Mesdoram Hanan
Khitti VS Alex Sat, March 9th @ 3pm EST Daisy, Mahri, Sidd Khitti


Name VS Name Date Judges Victor
Quintessa VS Mathollak Saturday, April 6th @ 6pm EST Daisy, Meri, Mahri Quintessa
Hanan VS Khitti Friday, April 19th @ 6pm EST Sidd, Hanan


Name VS Name Date Judges Victor
Quintessa VS Hanan Sunday, May 5th @ 5pm EST Daisy, Meri, Mahri Quintessa