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Mcracken's Statistics

Name: Mcracken, most often shortened to "Mac". His true name is unpronounceable. 
Age: Ancient. 
Gender: Male.
Race: Seaborn, Blue-ringed Kraken (tropical subspecies)
Height: In human form quite tall. 
Hair Color: Shaggy black, dreadlocked, streaks of silver. 
Eye Color: Shifting oceanic hues. At times, pearly white and abyssal black.
Class: Bard. Seaborn diplomat.
Occupation: Guardian of the sea. Beach bum.
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Status: Widower.


Mac is the oldest of his kind, a truly gargantuan being inhabiting the deepest ocean troughs. His human form is a construct of divine magic, and retains a few traits and some of the immense power of his natural state. He is sworn on oath to Selene, Goddess of Moon and Sea, to avoid interfering in the matters of Land-walkers unless absolutely necessary for the benefit of the oceanic races..

Son of Selene's Dark Face

Under contract to the Four-faced Mother.

Guardian of the Sea.

Seeker of what is lost.

Following his guiding Star

Current keeper of a Seerstone shard

Undeserving far-seer.

Bearer of the Gorgon's Mark

Some secrets are better off buried forever

Leader of the Seaborn Clan

The Dry World has made many advances in magic and technology throughout the ages, but the Seaborn have had little need of such development and thus are more vulnerable than they once were. Despite a long tradition of mistrust and antagonism between the Seaborn and Land-walkers, Mac's goal is to create a core group containing denizens of both worlds to foster better diplomacy between them through trade and peaceful interaction. Having observed Land-walkers for some time, Mac believes the current age is right for such an accord to exist and is seeking people of both sea and land to join him in this quest.