Signature Fragrance Writing Contest

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🌸✍️ Calling All Wordsmiths and Scent Enthusiasts! ✍️🌸


What would your character’s signature scent be if they had one? We invite you to unleash your creativity in this fragrance writing contest and add equipment for those shiny new offhand slots!

Contest Details

📝 How to Enter: Craft a captivating piece of writing inspired by a fragrance of your choice. Whether it’s a poem, a short story, or a descriptive passage, let your imagination run wild as you explore the essence of scent through words. Some things to consider in no particular order:

Fragrance Name

  • What notes can be picked up from it?
  • What kind of unique flora is used to formulate the perfume/cologne?
  • What shape is the bottle that contains it?
  • Does the concoction have a unique color or effect (glowing, shimmering etc)?
  • What type of special aura does it give off to those lucky to smell it (calming, energizing, nauseating etc)?


  • Participants may submit one entry.

🎁 Prizes

  • All participants will earn 3,000 gold for their submission.
  • All participants will be gifted the unique off hand item they created.
  • Top prize is 5 credits.

📅 Deadline

📜Hmails must be submitted to Cynarith by May 10th at 11:59 PM EST.

🌟 Entries will be evaluated based on creativity, originality, and how effectively they evoke the essence of the chosen fragrance.

🎉 Don’t miss this chance to showcase your talent and celebrate the magic of fragrance! Join us on this aromatic journey and let your words transport us to worlds of scent and sensation.

Good luck, and happy writing!


Nocturnal Elixir

Notes: Nocturnal Elixir opens with top notes of luscious black currant and juicy plum, blending seamlessly into a heart of delicate jasmine and velvety rose petals. Base notes of warm vanilla and sensual musk linger on the skin, leaving a lingering and unforgettable trail.

Ingredients: This enchanting perfume is formulated with rare night-blooming flowers, including the elusive midnight orchid and the mystical moonflower. These exotic blossoms infuse the fragrance with an otherworldly allure, captivating the senses with their intoxicating scent.

Bottle: The bottle is elegantly sculpted, reminiscent of a slender hourglass, with curves that mimic the graceful arc of a blooming flower. Its deep purple hue reflects the mysterious beauty of the night, while the sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to any vanity.

Appearance: As Nocturnal Elixir is spritzed onto the skin, it emits a subtle shimmer reminiscent of moonlight dancing on water. The fragrance itself appears to glow from within the bottle, casting a spellbinding aura that captivates all who behold it.

Aura: Those fortunate enough to catch a whiff of Nocturnal Elixir are instantly transported to a tranquil oasis under the stars. Its intoxicating scent evokes a sense of serenity and calm, enveloping the wearer in a comforting embrace. Like a whispered secret shared between lovers, this fragrance exudes an aura of mystery and allure, leaving a lasting impression on all who encounter it.


Revered Reminiscence

Notes: The scent of this fragrance is unique to each individual, though perhaps siblings or lovers may share in likeness. The fragrance is designed to smell like the food or drink that one treasures most, whether it be something like their grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies, their father’s prized lasagna recipe, or perhaps a lover’s strawberry lemonade with fresh, ripe strawberries muddled at the bottom of the glass. The food or drink is typically something from their childhood, but in rare instances, it can be from adulthood as well.

Ingredients: The aim of the fragrance is to trigger positive memories (not necessarily ones related to the food/drink the fragrance may smell like), and with that in mind, the focus of the ingredients were on botanicals that helped boost the mind. Basic, well known herbs and roots like spearmint and peppermint, bay leaf, rosemary, and sage were of course used, these ingredients typically used in witchcraft to help boost mental prowess and psychic experiences. But aside from these, other plants believed by scholars to improve memory specifically were used for the Revered Reminiscence that includes red spider lily, daffodil, and snowdrop.

Bottle: As an eau fraiche type of fragrance, one which needs to be applied more often as its scent does not last but an hour or so, the bottom of the bottle’s glass stopper is elongated somewhat into looking like a small wand. Each wand is specially enchanted to allow for a fine mist to fall from the wand when lifted above the head and the stopper tapped lightly twice. The bottle as a whole is made from glass, but it is constructed in such a way to look like chevron amethyst, which is used to help with mental clarity. In addition to its impressive cohesion of dark purple and clear glass, it’s also in the shape of a butterfly, lending to the perfume its symbolism of transformation against all odds, while keeping in mind what once was. And finally, the details of the butterfly (its wing spots, antennae, etc) are made of pale gold filigree.

Appearance: At first glance, the perfume appears to be completely colorless. But when poured into another receptacle for better viewing (typically a clear one) and held up to the sun or moonlight, it shimmers as if it had crushed opals mixed in, though that does not appear to be one of the ingredients. On the wearer, it leaves a vague shimmer, one that is eye-catching but not overly distracting.

Aura: Those that manage to catch the scent of Revered Reminiscence before it dissipates on the wearer also have their memories jostled by the scent of a beloved food or drink. But, as they are not wearing it and in the fragrance’s vicinity at all times, the memories can become muddled as the scent leaves their noses fully, and the food/drink scent itself becomes off, while the passerby becomes desperate to smell the fragrance and experience the positive memories again. Some say this is a ploy by the creator to sell more of the fragrance, and while it is unproven, it certainly works to the creator’s advantage when it comes to sales.

Entry by Khitti.

Toasted Whiskey

Read in a cheesy excitable infomercial personality.
Do you want to invoke the romanticism of a moonlit beach stroll and a sunset over a clear blue ocean, but hate the thought of tourist crowded beaches and the grit of sand?? Want to relive fond memories of outdoor bonfires, protecting your loved ones from the elements, without the nightmare of bug infested forests and days without a proper bath?? ... Well, you're in luck!! This new scent is sure to have your girl (or guy!) curled up to you for long hours on the coldest of nights without complaint!! With top notes of a honeyed bourbon-whiskey musk and cedar, middle notes of salted sandalwood and soft undertones of jasmine and toasted marshmallow, you're sure to keep them coming back for more. The words "You look good in that scent," never sounded so sweet. Available in small batches only, the discreet black glass bottle fits neatly into a pocket for when you need to pack only the essentials, and the label on front features the silhouette of a lightning bolt and a black flame. Because lightning never strikes the same place twice, and neither do you. Get yours now and stand out in any crowd... with Toasted Whiskey.

Entry by Lita.

Feles Fortuitous

Notes: Feles Fortuitous is most noted for its sensuous notes of sweetened lavender and roasted persimmon, adding a semi-spicy yet sweet top note that softens the sharp tang of peppermint. A hint of danger lurks in the musky base notes with a rare combination of cedar and Venturilian chili pepper.

Ingredients: This daring, yet highly intriguing scent is formulated with the finest catnip and calming chamomile, soothing the senses and evoking a calm. Performing a fun, yet dissonant counterpoint is the completely safe, yet viscerally striking addition of fermented basilisk oil. (Sustainably grown, and humanely harvested, of course. The safety of our donors is paramount.)

Bottle: An intellectually stimulating gordian knot, or a chaotic and incomprehensible tangle. No two descriptions of the bottle are similar. The bottleneck weaves in and out, looping through itself so many times and ways that the opening soon becomes lost. That is, if there ever was one. The mind-boggling patterns weave in such a way that in becomes out and out becomes left, much like a Clinn bottle, if Clinn had been sober, and competent when he was making bottles. The design enraptures and confuses all who view it, evoking worry and desire in equal measure.

Appearance: The crackling black energy that appears to flow through the pale peach-hued Feles Fortuitous while contained within the bottle is a stark, but baseless threat as to the contents. The illusion of electricity and danger fades quickly when misted onto the skin where it settles with a soft vibration, as if purring.

Aura: The subtle, easily missed scent of Feles Fortuitous evokes the calm of a warm bed, a caring embrace, safety. A cup of tea on a cold day, a doting grandmother telling you how much she cares for you, a pat on the head. Every person finds their individual place of ultimate calm, but that calm comes hand in hand with an impeccable sense that the calm will be shattered at any moment. A bed can be taken, the next embrace may never come, and so on. That duality of eternal calm coupled with a sense of ruin that cannot be stopped is a poignant reminder of our own mortality, and is certainly not for anyone other than those with a level of discernment and taste most uncommon.

Entry by Calista.

Eclipse Noire

Blackpond Boutiques introduces Eclipse Noire, the luxurious new perfume inspired by the enigmatic Countess Quintessa Blackwell.

Eclipse Noir captures the essence of the mysterious and alluring Lady Blackwell, evoking the dark elegance and subtle power of this iconic figure. A fragrance that defies convention, "Eclipse Noire" is a captivating blend of dark and light, weaving together rich, smoky notes with ethereal florals to create a truly unforgettable scent.

Greeting us with top notes of Black Amber for depth and intrigue, Night-Blooming Jasmine for a delicate touch of femininity, and Bergamot for a bright, citrusy note that balances the darkness with a hint of light, "Eclipse Noire" leaves us with a lasting first impression.

Continuing on this journey we arrive at the heart notes, introducing Clove and Lavender, an intimate pairing of burning exoticism and calming tranquility while the deep, velvety scent of Dark Rose adds a touch of romance. The heart of "Eclipse Noire", this blend of scents stands out as the quintessence of this perfume.

Finally, the base notes bring us Patchouli, earthy and woody, creating a grounding element, along with Vanilla, a sweet, comforting note that lingers on the skin with Cherry Blossom bringing it all together with a delicate and ethereal floral note to add a touch of elegance.

The "Eclipse Noire" perfume comes in an exquisite black glass bottle, adorned with a silver crest featuring the emblem of House Blackwell - a skull wrapped in thorny vines, surrounded by an ouroboros. The bottle is sealed with a black wax seal, ensuring the integrity of the precious fragrance within.

Spritz on "Eclipse Noire" and be transported to the shadowed glades of the Dark Forest, where intrigue and mystery reign. With each wear, you'll feel the power and allure of Quintessa Blackwell, enveloping yourself in a veil of dark elegance.

Embrace the darkness– discover the allure of "Eclipse Noire" today!

Entry by Quintessa.


The woody base of Daylight comes from the Petal incarnation of the Elysian Rose wood, the heart of this scent a lingering intrigue of spice and the mysteries of the fae. The top notes of luxurious honey are balanced perfectly with the sweet and uniquely tropical notes of the Sunlight Kiss flower, and a richly creamy vanilla. Daylight is an alluring and charming perfume sure to call the feeling of long golden afternoons and vibrant sunsets.

Elysian Rose wood, more specifically the Petal embodiment of this elusive and hard grown wood, grown with great care and imbued with sunlight and warmth, add to the brightness of the overall formula of Daylight. This infusion of Kafzhash is deepened by the harvesting of the luxury flower found only in Cenril and Rynvale with the delicate oils coaxed from the rare Sunlight Kiss bloom, said to have been given to Lithrydel by the god of light himself, Arkhen. Richly gold honey found only from the finest bee keepers within the heart of the Burrows and vanilla imported exclusively from Chartsend create the perfect Golden Hour blend of Daylight. Finely dusted Jesterite, known for its magical effect on charisma and charm, produce the shimmering, glowing effect left upon the skin.

Hand crafted by the glassworks artists of Vhys, the bottle of Daylight is a delicate and finely clear bottle in the shape of Lithrydel’s sun, Kafzhash. The glass offers uninterrupted views of the shimmering and opalescent perfume housed within. The spraying mechanism is crafted entirely from celestial bronze, each bottle outfitted with a citrine and diamond sun charm. The gold lettering of Daylight is painted in swirling common on the front face of Kafzhash.

While in the bottle, Daylight swirls gently and perpetually in a way reminiscent of pixie dust floating on a slanting beam of bright afternoon sunlight. When applied to the skin, the Jesterite within the formula of the perfume leaves a dewy and glimmering sheen so that no matter the current light, the wearer seems to give the bewitching glow of the most flattering moments of the day, the Golden Hour.

The captivating notes of Daylight leaves those who scent it recalling decadent afternoons or days filled with sunlight and laughter. It has been described as the snap shot of many moments; the first bite of a honeyed scone, the refreshed feeling of a chilled glass of white wine, the charm of a beautiful smile, the sweetness of a cheerful song, and the freeness of summer. It is bright and warm, lending an air of enchanting charisma to those who wear it that lingers as beautifully as a sunset.

Entry by Valrae.