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Clans are player created groups used mostly for role-play. The leaders of a clan may add or remove members, determine the membership requirements, and set the RP direction of the clan. Clans may have their own headquarters. Clans have a special communication channel which only their clan members can see.

Clan Creation Requirements

To create a clan, send an application to Applications and fill in the following form:

  • A minimum of 8 members who are a part of the clan IC. OOC membership to pad the numbers is not permitted. A player cannot have two alts in the same clan either, as alts are expected to have separate storylines that do not intersect often.
  • 100,000 gold non-refundable Registration Fee
  • A mock-up of the wiki page in the application hmail which includes the following:
    • Current Owner & Leaders
    • Membership Requirements
    • Whether recruiting is performed, ICly, OOCly, or Both (note: recruiting may happen oocly, but character's membership must be ic)
    • Clan's RP goal and purpose in Hollow

Clan Benefits

  • Upon 30 days of age, if the clan still has at least 8 members, Clans may have 1 free room for a Clan Headquarters
    • Headquarters may be unlocked, keyed to an item, or locked by membership at the Owner's discretion
    • The clan may have a message board in the Clan HQ at the Owner's discretion.
    • Clans over 30 days old may buy clan armor at the discounted rate shown 1 Down from the Kelay Tavern
      • Clans with clan armor are allowed a 2nd free room for the clan armor shop
  • Clans have a special communication channel which only their clan members can use or see
  • Clans may have a special recall command which returns members to the clan hq
    • This command is not "locked" to members, so it must remain secret to keep others from using it.

Clan Rules

  • As the Owner and leader of a clan you are expected to follow Hollow Rules and Guidelines. If you intentionally break these rules your clan may be disbanded without a refund or compensation of any kind.
  • Players may only be a member of one clan at a time. You can OOCly see what clan other players are in by looking at the who page.
  • Clan membership must be maintained within an acceptable level. (8 members or more).
    • Alts of members & members who are more than 30 days idle do not count toward membership numbers.
    • Periodic clan registrations will take place in which clans that are not able to obtain the minimum number of member within 30 days after notification will be disbanded.
      • Members of disbanded clans will be given a 7 day disbanding period to sell back their clan armor and tie up any clan RP arcs.
      • After the disbanding period, any remaining members will be removed from the clan and both the clan headquarters and armor will be deleted
  • You will report any misuse of your clan chat line to administrators.
  • You will report the misuse of your Headquarters to administrators.
  • You will make an effort to keep clan items in the hands of clan members. (If you find you have items missing you should inform an administrator so they can get the items back).
  • You will not create a clan that breaches naming regulations of any kind.
  • You will not create and or organize your clan to break any Hollow.com rules. (Please note this includes using your clan as a vehicle for harassing other players and groups of players.)
  • You will not attempt to revive a clan that is banned.
  • Your clan will not circumvent Role-play in any way shape or form. Membership is considered an IC choice for your character.
    • If your character is directly challenged they have the option to either fight or withdrawing from
      • (A) the conflict and henceforth no longer be involved in fighting, intelligence gathering, and role-playing in that conflict role-play in any way shape or form.
      • (B) the clan.
    • If all clan members are defeated and/or withdraw from a conflict the clan will be disbanded and is considered defeated.
    • Please be aware that the who list is not considered an IC guide to who is in a clan therefore you must be able to confirm somebody is in a clan when making a challenge.
    • Anyone found by the admin abusing this rule for example creating "alt spies", perpetually hiding their characters involvement within a clan etc. May be removed from the conflict or the clan.

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