Currency Writing Contest

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Contest Details

Just like Americans have quarters, Japanese have yen coins, and Europeans have euros, so do the different kingdoms across Hollows have their own denomination of gold pieces.

Would the gold coins of Xalious be embossed with the dragons that first called the lands home, or be marked with the iconic Mage's Tower or Xalious Tree? Do dwarves of Craughmoyle use hexagonal coins for optimal space? Are the gold pieces that pixies carry magically imbued to make them portable for the tiny beings that suddenly turn giant in the hands of a frost giant?

The world of Hollow is your gold mine in this contest... literally!

Things to keep in mind:

  • All areas use the gold, silver, copper standards of metal. (This is so that our world building will stay in line with our system.)
  • You may choose four regions (so you can have up to four entries)
  • This contest our winners will be decided by anonymous voting.
  • Areas with active leaders may submit their own ideas, or waive the right to participate in submitting an idea for their area exchange for the opportunity to choose between the two most highly voted upon entry for their area.


You will be allowed 4 entries max and will earn 1,500 gold per entry.

Winners will get 10,000 gold for winning entries and a collectable version of their entry. And of course, their currency will become the official coin of whatever region they've chosen!


Hmail Meri, Valrae, Khitti and Kanna before June 28th, 11:59 pm EST