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This is the top level in the Hollowiki for all pages relating to Items in the game.

To add new items to the wiki, follow these instructions:

Create the page using the name of the item, without dashes, in Proper Case.  
'A', 'And', and 'Of' should remain lowercase, to help with readability.
ie - ring-of-protection becomes Ring of Protection.
Copy an existing Item page as a model, and modify it accordingly.
Type, AC/Weapon bonus (if there is one), cost, stores that sell it, etc.
Make sure to add the appropriate Categories, or the item will not show up in the lists.
If you do not know everything about an item, make sure it is in the Incomplete Items category
or one of it's subcategories.
To update an item, merely edit it.  
Please do not add any information that you have not personally confirmed.
NOTE: This list is to be maintained and updated by the players.
If you know of non-custom items that are not on this list, feel free to add them.