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The HollowWiki Community Portal will hopefully be open to all users to edit and will be used for all community related items in Hollow, which you as players can add to and edit.


Guides and Tutorials

  • Player Guides - A list of guides written by players for players.
  • Hollow Lore - The history, physics, and religion of Hollow.
  • Laws of Physics in Hollow - An important guide to understanding time, space, and magic in game.
  • Alignment - A guide on character alignments
  • Skills List - A list of all the skills available for purchase in game, broken down by class.
  • Maps of Hollow - Player created maps. May be out of date or inaccurate (or may be awesome).
  • Sketched Map - A great sketch of the World of Hollow.
  • Command List - A list of commands to better interact with the game.
  • Monster List - A list of mobs broken down by levels. Perfect monster guide for statting!

RP & Special Items

  • Current and Past RPs - Current and past arcs and tournaments.
  • Quests - How to quest, and a list of active quests. May not be up to date so refer to current arcs for more information.
  • Clan List - A list of all active and inactive clans.
  • The Guilds - A list of all the class guilds.
  • Custom Item Histories - A list of custom items in the game.

In Game Communication Channels

OOC, Rules, and Meta-Gaming

Premium Services and Customs

Community Rules and The Wiki