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Rules of the Player's Biography (Premium Service)

Having a bio page is a privilege and can be taken away at any time if it violates ANY of the following rules. All bios are subject to the admin approval process. As it states at the time of purchasing credits, no refunds after 30 days if you fail to create an approved bio.

  1. No indecent pictures. Characters who are portrayed as scantily clad are not permitted. The admin will discuss this at length before deciding if it is appropriate, but their decision is final.
  2. No "famous" people (people from movies, games, Instagram etc.) We don't allow famous names to be used or faces. In other words, if an admin (or player) can Google the person portrayed in your picture and something significant comes up, they're famous. For example: Channing Tatum or Amra Olevic.
  3. AI generated pictures will not be approved going forward, as of July 2023. There may be some instanced approved by past admin. We will allow for continued use of the images until they are repalced.
  4. If you use a picture that has not been created by you, you must obtain written permission from the author allowing you to use it. Written permission is not needed for images licensed under the public domain or under an appropriate Creative Commons license. You do, however, have to have proof that the image is in the public domain or under a Creative Commons license - URLs of the original image is the best (and sometimes only acceptable) piece of evidence. In all cases, you must give written credit to the author within your profile. The following Creative Commons licenses are permitted:
    1. Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0
    2. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
    3. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
    4. To find appropriate content, search here.
    5. No photos. OOC photos of yourself will be considered on a case by case basis. Anime and other fictional art drawings will be considered for bio pictures on a case by case basis.
    6. Get permission from the artist to use their image. You must provide the admin with a screenshot of permission.
    7. No pictures of children or obvious minors of any sort may be used, either photo, CG or any other style of artwork.
  5. No XHTML, FLASH or anything else beyond basic HTML allowed.
  6. No external links in your bio. You can list it, but you cannot hyperlink to it. Links are permitted in regards to image permissions.
  7. '"No advertisements for other websites or games that are not related to Hollow."'
  8. No attacks on any players or admin past or current.
  9. Keep the text in ENGLISH (US or UK) or an acceptable translator for any of the "race" languages... i.e. Drow, Dragon, etc. It is important that you link to the translator in your bio so other players and admin can understand.
  10. If you are claiming to be a race or class that requires approval, you must get permission from the admins or you will be asked to remove the reference immediately.
  11. A bio is a privilege, not a right. Should you break any of these rules, this privilege can be revoked.
  12. Song lyrics, emojis and all other bio related content must be appropriate.
  13. If we cannot read your collage, it cannot be approved.
  14. Additional rules may be added later, as needed.

How to reference your images:

It's important that you credit the artist in your bio, so be sure to state clearly the name of the artwork and the artist. You should also provide a link to the artwork for others to admire! Be sure to state you have used this image with permission.

Even if this is an image from Creative Commons, you must list the URL and state as such.

The admin may at time to time contact an author to make sure you have their permission to be using the work. This may especially be true if it appears that the content is not under the Creative Commons license.

How do I show you a screenshot?

Not sure on how to show us a screenshot? That's okay!

All you need to do is take a screenshot (you can do this by hitting the print screen button), saving it as an image and then uploading it to an image sharing site such as Imgur, Photobucket, etc. Once you've uploaded it there, you must send the link to the admin team for them to verify that permission has been obtained.