Regional Newspapers

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The regional newspapers refer to the collection of in-character, readable items placed within Hollow's map. The papers capture the flavor and culture of the area within which it is published and also provide yet another tool for players to broadcast their stories, arcs, and interests.

Current Papers

  1. Town Crier, in Kelay Tavern
  2. Prestidigitation Post, in The Dancing Destrier
  3. The Larketian Herald, in Red Ogre Inn
  4. Fishermen's Almanac, in The Whaler's Bar
  5. The Carrion Crow: Vailkrin's Underground Press, in Hanging Corpse Tavern
  6. Trist'oth Tribune, in Trist'oth Tavern
  7. Kuronii Chronicler, in Fallen Star Inn
  8. The Daily Grunt, in Gualon Town Hall
  9. The Frostmawian Short, in Frostmaw Tavern
  10. The Schezerade Vindicator, in Schezerade Tavern
  11. The Pressed Flower, in The Green Fairy
  12. The Looking Glass, in The Dark Delights Diner

Old Papers

  1. Holy Gazette, in The Whaler's Bar, this paper was taken over by Alice Brommson in [RP PENDING].
  2. The Cenrilian Times, in The Whaler's Bar was owned by Alice Brommson briefly, then went belly up.

Things to Remember

  • To contribute content to the papers, simply hmail the OOC editor with your suggested idea. The OOC editor is just that, OOC. This does not mean the editor's character is ICly writing or publishing the papers. If there is no OOC editor, hmail any contributions to News.
  • A player may suggest content OOCly for any area. If the suggestion is focused on an RP that took place, please send the OOC editor a one or two-paragraph synopsis of the RP and a link to the RP in the wiki if it has been uploaded. If a player wants their character to be the in-character author of an article, hmail the OOC editor.
  • If a paper does not have an OOC editor, but you want that paper updated, volunteer to become the editor and draft the paper yourself!
  • Please note that because the newspapers are in-character publications they have biases, can be used for political purposes, and are edited to reflect the interests of the authority behind the paper. This means that your content may need to be edited to better fit with the facts of the papers (e.g. pro-Vampire paper The Carrion Crow won't publish a call to arms against vampires), but you will be informed if this is the case.
  • Papers are published at Meri's discretion. By the time a paper is archived it is an old issue. Therefore, to stay up to date, papers must be read in-game.