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General Page Setup

Naming the page

Correct titles
When posting RPs on the wiki, please follow the same style as the others: If it's a normal RP, then the name should be 'RP:Name of RP'. If it's a duel, then 'Duel:Person v Person', and if it's a spar, then 'Fight:Person v Person'. Note, with spars, it's fine to name it as a RP, such as, 'Fight:Svilfon Challenges Everyone at the Frostmaw Tavern'. Titles should have capital letters in their names, such as a book would.

Setting up a Page

Correct Style
Please make sure to search for similar pages to the one you intend to make and try and keep to the style so that Hollow Wiki remains uniform and stylish wherever possible.
Navigate to a page
The quickest way to set up a page is to simply search for the page title you want to add. This will have a list of pages that may already exist that have to do with your topic. Perhaps you could add it in one of these pages if it is a small amount of text? If it does need a separate page, you can click on the link 'this exact title' to create a new page.
Start editing
To start editing a page, click on the [Edit] tab (at the top of the page) to edit the entire article, or the [edit] link (on the right side of the screen) to edit just one heading/subheading. This will bring you to the Editing page: a page with a text box containing the editable source code from which the server produces the webpage. The source code markup is described in detail below.
Category tags
With category tags: If it's a RP, then it should have [[Category:RP Logs]], if it's a duel then, [[Category:Duel Logs]] and if it's a spar, [[Category:Fight Logs]]. Also, please include the people involved in the RP with the tag, {{PC|Name of person}}, such as, {{PC|Svilfon}}. This will ensure the RP goes into the right categories in the wiki, and also that it links back to the people who're involved. You can use more than one link if the situation requires it - such as an RP link and a fight logs link.

There is also the regional tags - the best place to find these is from here: If you find the city you are in, go down until the name with Rps behind it, then click on it. It will bring up a page with the link to copy/paste over, to ensure that RPs are linked back to the city they are in.
Summarize your changes
You should write a short edit summary in the small field below the edit-box. Be descriptive and concise.
Preview before saving
When you have finished, click [Show preview] at the bottom of the page, to see how your changes will look -- before you make them permanent. Repeat the edit/preview process until you are satisfied, Do Not click [Save page] until you've completed the changes to the page. Upon clicking [Save page] your changes will be immediately applied to the article.


Link to other pages by using two brackets on either side of text. This will automatically link the text inside the brackets to the page of the same name. If you want a different name to appear for the link, use the pipe (|) character to separate the actual page name from the link name you want to display.

[[role-play]] links to the role-play page using role-play as a link
[[role-play|RP]] links to the role-play page using RP as a link


Headlines setup your table of contents for a page, and provide a general roadmap for a page. To start a section, use two equal signs on either side of the text. Subsections can be delineated with more equal signs on either side of the text.

== Main Section ==
=== Subsection ===
==== Even tinier subsection ====

Bulleted Lists

Bulleted lists are very handy to use, and very easy to use. Simply put an asterisk for a bullet. For further indentations of bullets, use multiple asterisks.

* First bullet point
** Sub-point of first point
* Second bullet point
** Sub-point of second point
*** Sub-point of sub-point of second point


  • First bullet point
    • Sub-point of first point
  • Second bullet point
    • Sub-point of second point
      • Sub-point of sub-point of second point

Indented List

Indentions are useful for lists that you feel look stylistically better without bullet points.

; Heading
: First Indent Item
:: Sub-point of first indent item
: Second Indent Item
:: Sub-point of second indent item
::: Sub-point of sub-point of second indent item


First Indent
Sub-point of first indent
Second indent
Sub-point of first indent
Sub-point of sub-point of second indent

Numbered List

Numbered lists are done with the following format:

# First Item
## First Sub item
## Second Sub item
# Second Item
## First Sub item 2
A new line ends the list
# New numbering starts again with 1


  1. First Item
    1. First Sub item
    2. Second Sub item
  2. Second Item
    1. First Sub item 2

A new line ends the list

  1. New numbering starts again with 1

Boxed Text

Things you wish to be displayed in a box, such as on this page, can be achieved by just inserting a space at the beginning of the text you wish to be inside of a a box with the space-bar key.. Bold, Italic, and Link wiki formating will work inside the box, however; Bullet point and Indention wiki formating will not. Also remember that line breaks will not be automatic inside of the box so you must go to a new line with the [Enter] key if you wish it to display that way.

[Space]Text in box
[Space]Further text in box


Text in box
Further Text in box

Your Signature

If you want to leave your signature on a post you can use either three or four tildes (~) to insert your [User Name] or [User Name and date/time].

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Put in more useful examples and commands like: Wikipedia's help editing page

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