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Admin Definition
Administrators (Admin) are community volunteers that wish to contribute to Hollow's continued development, enjoyability, and integrity. Admin applications are periodically released to the community as a whole. Existing Admin and the Owner(s) of Hollowgame.com select new Admin based on these applications, as well as previous interactions with applicants. Administrators are granted extended privileges within Hollow, and are expected to follow this Code of Conduct to ensure everyone is treated fairly and with respect. Admin are not considered employees, agents, or independent contractors of HollowGame.com, but rather are community leaders that help to curate and govern the community. All Administrators are expected to adhere to the Admin Code of Conduct which sets the baseline standards for maintaining a functional, fair, and enjoyable game atmosphere.

Hollow is overseen by Sven, who is the God of Hollow and head programmer.

Daily operation of Hollow is handled by the administrators (admin).

The administration of Hollow is split into various departments and boards. An admin may be a member of more than one board or department. The boards and departments roughly correspond to what that admin is responsible for and determines what areas of Hollow they have access too.

Please note the descriptions of the duties of the various admin are taken from a page originally on HollowGame.com at the time the current admin were appointed. The boards and departments are as follows:

Current Administrators

Programming Committee Advisory Board Executive Board Player Committee Role-Playing Board Systems Committee World Committee Public Affairs Board Jr. Exec. Board Inactive Admin
Tristram Tristram Tristram Tristram
Hildegarde Hildegarde Hildegarde Hildegarde
Josleen Josleen Josleen Josleen

Programming Commitee

These admin add new systems into HollowGame.com and fix bugs, problems, etc. in the game. They will alter existing systems if need be. Please do not direct bugs, problems, or feature ideas to these admin directly, but instead direct such hmails to members of the Systems Board.

Advisory Board

These admin are responsible for making any important decisions about Hollow. They oversee all the other boards and departments and are the highest ranking admin apart from Sven.

Executive Board

These admin act as the "police force" of Hollow. They maintain the list of punishable offenses, invesitgate cases of any rule violations, and monitor in-game channels for violations of the Rules of behaviour, General Policies, and Terms of Service which may require Warnings, Muting, PRooming, or Banning.

(Special Note-In the absence of Executive Board Members any online admin will take up the resonsibilities of the executive board, it is the duty of all Hollow administrators to protect Hollow's players from offenders.)

Player Oversight Committee

These admin maintain the player databases in an organized fashion. Updates information as needed, and enacts/starts any changes in this area. Players on this board generally handle requests sent to "Customs"; when a Player Oversight member is not available, those duties may sometimes fall upon members of the Role Playing Board.

Public Affairs

These admin maintain the public face of HollowGame.com. Advertising on other sites, advertising within the site, and public events are their main responsibilities.

Role-Playing Board

These admin maintain the role-playing facet of Hollow. Revising history, organizing all role-playing events within the game, as well as any other aspect of admin approved RPs in the entirety of the game (actions of the Gods, usage of NPCs, major custom race or class approvals, official area leader changes). Members of this committee handle all requests sent to "Alternate", and when no Player Board member is available, may sometimes handle "Customs".

Systems Committee

These admin maintain a list of requested/needed improvements to programming. The list is to be ordered in relation to the difficulty of implementation, as well as the improvements that are most urgently needed.

World Oversight Committee

These admin maintain the world economic system, builds rooms, and otherwise has full control over the world (mobs, etc.) Members of this committee handle all requests for "Builder".

Junior Executives

These are new Administrators, still learning the ropes and the basic commands and duties. Members of this committee handle requests for minor custom race/class changes, Bio approvals, and monitor in-game channels for violations of the Rules of behaviour, General Policies, and Terms of Service which may require Warnings, Muting, PRooming, or Banning.

Inactive Administrators

These Admin are currently on a hiatus of 90 days or more from regular daily administrative duties. Hmails or other attempts to contact them may not result in a timely response; please direct queries or comments toward those Administrators listed as Active.

Former Administrators

Hollow as a community is very grateful to all who have helped it become what it is today and here are a list of former administrators so that their contributions are never forgotten. (If any former admin are not listed here and would like to be please get in contact.)

Administrators Board Pages

Hind Lore Arianrhod Azazil
Kaizer Solaris Jade Demont
Alexiaisis Kaethil Lionel Buterfly
Serfius Silk Dante Algorath
Dimi Jaidin Torasu Atropos
Keter Felgaran Talaryn Desertwalker
Crisiant Donovan Pappy Blaze
Lilith Fertangle Parsithius Cyllth/Cyllarus
Hans Vuryal Jacklin Vgfh
Ryeanna Morvious Myrall Tiphareth