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This page is an UNOFFICIAL CLASS page.

It contains important info about this class.

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Class Name: Anti-Mage

Strengths: Any and all magic is completely ineffective against an Anti-Mage. Though even this has its limits. If an Anti-mage were to be assaulted by a magically created flame, it would have no effect. Such things were the attack is not natural have no effect, but if an anti-mage was assaulted by a magically manipulated element it would still harm the being.

Weakness: Unable to gain access to any and all magic. Thusly, Anti-mages can not cast spells, even natural ones as they still require magic for the manipulation, they can not use magical items and gain the magical benefit. Anti-mages must also heal the hard way as healing spells are ineffective, though herbal remedies still work as they are natural.

Races that can be this Class: Any race that already has no access to magic, or any races that previously had access to magic yet forfeited the gift or had the magical access sealed away by some non-magical means, such as psions or a natural herb of sorts.

Description: The anti-mage is the bane of all spell-casters. Their very body seems to emanate an aura of pure magical negation, though this aura only extends a few inches from the flesh of the anti-mage.

Due to the nature of the Anti-mage are typically muscled and extreme melee fighters, usually with very unique fighting styles and weaponry due to having nothing else to do then to perfect their dexterity, strength, and fighting prowess. Though there is always the more nimble that choose the ways of thieves and assassins, and even the more pacifistic anti-mages who choose to be natural healers and alchemists.

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