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Unofficial Classes

The Unofficial Classes are those that can not be chosen when creating a character, though some players may desire to RP one of these more rare "RP Only" classes. Players wishing to play one of these classes are required to gain Admin approval by submitting an Application before they begin to play these classes. Only upon approval by the Admin, may the unofficial class be used.

For official classes click here.

Example Profile

If you are creating an unofficial class (after receiving admin approval), please use the following format on the class page.

Combat Style: Missile, Melee, Magic, Long Range, etc
Combat Rating:Pitiful, Weak, Moderate, Strong, Very Strong ONLY
Magic Style: Shadows, Curses, Poisen, Restorative, Holy etc
Magic Rating: Inept, Low, Moderate, High, Mystical
Preferred Races: Please Include a link to the race page here! No More than 4 races!
Preferred Alignment: Please include the link to the correct alignment section here!
Allowed Races: Please double check and include links to the race page,
Preferred Weapon(s): Please include links to the weapon page here!
Skills: Please check all skills.
Skill Weapon: Missile/Bow, Melee, Magical or Instrument ONLY
Skill Centers: Please include all skill centred here.