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Recent Events

  • No News has been reported for Darklin

Map of Darkiln

Text Directions for Darkiln

Settlements in the Darkiln

Settlement Name Main Race
Darkiln Shadow Gnome

Shops in Darkiln

(All directions from Kelay Tavern)

Shop Name Goods Sold
Cavern of Storing Misc

Clans with HQs in Darkiln

  • none

Training Areas in Darkiln

  • none

Economic Areas in the Darkiln

Economic Area Economic Activity
Mining Outpost Mining

Political Information About the Darkiln

Ruled by NPC (TBD)

Local Government Buildings

  • none

Allies of Darkiln

  • none

Other places of interest in the Darkiln

  • pending

Personally Owned Homes within Darkiln

  • none

History Regarding Darkiln

  • pending

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