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Kazarkh 2023

Mithrise 2023

  • The Kingdom of Enchantment's annual summer solstice celebration was a rousing success this year, drawing in crowds from all walks of the hollows. Queen Lunalesca is unable to attend in person due to illness, but personally sent her regards to who she felt was the best dressed tourist.
  • Expansion of the Enchantment Market has begun with the conversion of the Chanterelle Family oak tree into a new shopping space in exchange for a creekfront redwood deeper in the Enchanted Forest. Best wishes for the rapidly growing gnome family!

Zeyvann 2023

  • Congratulations to Enchantment Weaponry proprietor Parkel for his marriage to noted Craughmoyle metal artist Magnolia, who has emigrated to Enchantment! With approval of the fellow artisans of Enchantment Market, Metals by Magnolia is now open for business on the second floor of the Enchantment Weaponry shop! May their union be a long and prosperous one.


Mourningfrost 2022

  • Despite mounting concerns from the public about Lunalesca's health, the Magical Oversight Committee privately elected to give Lunalesca the crown of Enchantment again in light of what is now being called the lycan monarchs' abdication of the throne. Queen Lunalesca could not be reached for comment regarding the heartbreaking developments, and ordered the moat bridge to be only lowered for the coming and goings of guardsmen.

Veilora 2022

  • After ruling for three months, Queen Lanara and Royal Consort Tiber, appear to be missing! Their crowns have been placed in the vault, their private home has been boarded up, and no one has received word to their whereabouts! Even their wolf pack, the Amber Lunation, seems to have fled the lands!

Kazarkh 2022

  • Queen Lunalesca steps down from the throne and appoints Lanara and Tiber as her successors. A coronation ceremony was held at the castle, and many attended to meet the new Queen and Royal Consort!


October 2013

  • After a lengthy construction, the Woodland Couturier is now open for business. Located close to the Kingdom's center, it offers a fine selection of wings, hooves, horns and fur.


July 2012

  • After many years of peace and prosperity under Queen Thea's rule, the Halfling settlement 'The Burrows', previously concealed from the rest of civilization, has decided for the first time to allow public access to the many unique wares and crafts of the Halfling people.
  • The Kingdom of Enchantment is under renovation to include adding a stable and other various buildings. Workers are needed to help complete these tasks. To discuss contributions and coin desired, please contact the minotaur Kuiai or Thea of Enchantment for details.


Rosales 2011

  • Leaders from across the Hollows gathered to witness the union of Queen Thea of Enchantment and King Rheven of Venturil. This ceremony and unification of kingdoms in light of their history of once being on opposing sides of the Battle of Enchantment is a true testament to how love conquers all.


Mourningfrost 2010

  • An anonymous tip led to the discovery of the mutilated corpse of a woman along the Mystical Stream, later identified as the vampire, Zarah. Cause of death was decapitation. And it's also assumed the attacker was a fellow vampire, as the corpse was drained of blood. Also found at the scene--possibly unrelated--was a dead water sprite, its midsection a gaping hole left presumably by a piercing weapon of some sort. No witnesses have come forward. The kill is claimed on public boards by a mysterious person going by the name Tovenaar.


Rosales 2008

  • Queen Rumiko relegates the crown to Thea, having been called away for a separate journey that would leave her away from Lithrydel and away from the war for several years.
  • Newly crowned Queen Thea, aided by several prominent heroes including the Ascendi Lauria, restores the Holy Trembling Tree to it's former glory, marking the end of the invasions of Shadow Gnomes and other Unseelie creatures.


Equaius 2007

  • Realizing that the warlords have disappeared, perhaps quietly assassinated, the Shadow Gnomes of Darklin rise up from a portal created in the Evil Glowing Tree to take back what they claim is the rightful land of Darkiln. The Kingdom of Enchantment, still weakened by the Battle For Enchantment, falls into war both amongst the Shadow Gnomes and amongst themselves.

Zeyvann 2007

  • The Warlord of Archmosia and the Warlord of Gamorg, along with the drow invaders in Kelay-Sage, invades the Kingdom of Enchantment, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. The defenders of Enchantment are just barely able to repel their forces, though not without significant casualties.