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Built and rebuilt, torn apart and set like stubborn bone, this tavern is the pinnacle of Hollow's entirety, wrought around the premise of peace, equality, and consummate amity. And of course, the old place had seen all of the three, but so much more. Dire markings of claw and steel cut deep into wall panels and floorboards. Set against the land's usual motif of destruction are signs of comfort. Twisting shadows and smoothing out a careful blanket of light with soft, quaint fires, a candelabra dangles down by thick cords, gripping the circular holder. Each twists up, converging upon the center, where they snake about one another and form a thick, secure anchor to Kelay Tavern's high, accommodating ceiling. The candelabra rattle now and again from the inn patrons overhead, pouring down globs of wax to the center of the room, which is wide and unobstructed. Cheaply carpentered tables and chairs grow outward around the bare dancing area, keeping to the rounded theme, and also keeping to a dwarven barkeep's avariciously born taste for 'economical' furniture. Hardly any expense has been wasted on the actual upkeep of the public center though, as can be garnered from the smell of deep pine, rich tobacco, and even richer spirits. Stairs twist away dimly near the high bar. And atop that side rests the inn logs, quill, and ink. This establishment's fine keeper, Mesthak, can be seen smiling out from his post at the bar, straight across to the room's always crackling stone-wrought hearth. Behind him, atop lofty shelves, sits an array of dark, amber, and clear liquids. Food smells waft from somewhere near at hand. A carefully printed and hung sign details the purchasable items here in the place of merriment, loss, laughter, and life. Also, tucked into a corner near one of two windows closest to the tavern doorway is a thickly papered bulletin board. A sign has been added next to the board that reads, 'The management requires patrons be fully inebriated at all times and that no curing spells be performed in this tavern-Thank you'.

-- Kelay Tavern, Kelay

Jacklin slips into the door held open by some generic patron of Kelay’s alcoholic haunt with a dainty grunt of gratitude. The number of tables available was overwhelming to her senses just now so wherever her feet took her was where he body went. Down into the rough embrace of a random chair near the board.

Liana looks up as Jacklin plops down near her. "Ah, Jacklin," says she pleasantly, "Did he give you the message then?"

Jacklin touched leather-bound fingers to her brow as Liana begins to speak in her direction. Hiding her bewilderment well she tended the face of the druid with furrowed brows and narrowed lids, “I have no clue what you’re talking about.”

Liana feels a tinge of exhasperation at Jacklin's words. Could no one be trusted to carry a message to as prominent a figure as the queen? With a sigh, she straightens herself in her chair, closes her book and, for the first time, lifts her eyes fully to Jacklin's face. "Lady," she says heavily, "you are a very tricky female to get hold of. I have been trying without success for the past few weeks to get a courier through to you. I fear that your guards have been, ah, over-zealous in protecting you, for not one reached you without being repelled. As i understand it, you spoke to Lirithen, telling him that you had some sort of problem with your horses. He, not being skilled in animals, referred the matter to me. Of course, I could not get to work immediately, for I knew not the specifics of the problem. I have been attempting to ascertain that, but could get no reply. I even asked the king consort to speak with you, but it seems he has failed in the charge also."

Parsithius had heard what Jacklin said in the other room through his knight's rather worried telling, thusly he stands outside the tavern attempting to think of something to say to her that may lift her spirit somewhat.

Talisia simply relaxes in her chair near the fire as she listens to those present. She smiles as she sees someone enter the Healer's guild under Thea. Not enough people seemed to practice the art. Her own slender fingers carressed the enchanted bracelet that surrounded her slender wrist. She shakes her head as she hears the troubles Liana had been having with getting a message to the Lady of Larket. Though none of this truly concerned her, her opinions kept to herself.

Jacklin stares at Liana with still that narrowed expression. An odd lid flinches now and again as the woman speaks. The anger was certainly pumping through her veins at full velocity when Liana finally finished her speech concerning horses. “Horses?” Jack nearly shouted in reply, fingers shifting to grip the edge of the worn table so as to avoid a much more dangerous situation with unhindered hands. “My Gods, Archdruid, do you get any sort of information down in that forest of yours?” Now she was screaming. This woman had brought up the subject of horses when a young woman of Larket was spread over a concrete slab, investigators poking and prodding her body for clues. “A friend is dead,” sputtered Jacklin. The emphasis on friend was evident…the elder human could count her friends on a single hand, “and one of the most promising healers in this damn land is -dead-. And you’re asking me about horses?!” At this point a fist met the tabletop just as she rose from the chair, leaving a small indention in the wood, “Horses!” Jaw held tightly as she looked down at Liana, “I wanted you to aid in a horse breeding business but I don’t give a care about them now.” Turning she kicked the chair out of her way with another eruption of curses. It was best she moved to the opposite side of the tavern before tables were flipped and punches thrown.

Kelovath returns Thea's wink with a smile and a nod, but his attention would soon drift towards Parsithius, then to Jacklin. Then, of course, back to Parsithius. Nothing was said, but that's where his currently attention would lie for the moment.

Thea's ears are the ones now turning to Jacklin's outburst, "Is that what all this Larket business is that I've been hearing about, Jacklin? A Healer...dead?"

Cerinii glanced at Jacklin, but decided not to stare. It would have been rude of her. She sighed softly, looking to Heltri instead. "So. You say this body was not your choice.. Are you going to resolve that situation?"

Tiphareth settles into a place near the corner, surrounded by his entourage, the look upon their visage far more focused than normal. A dark hood covers the Eldermage's face, obscuring it from view, though burning eyes glare outward after his previous encountered. He is not usually one to be emotionally motivated, though currently a ferocity burns within the Eldermage, palpable to any magic user within the venue.

Talisia gazes towards the Lady of Larket as she hears the news. Her heart, if it still could, would have tightened in her chest with apprehension. "I am so sorry to hear that Lady of Larket. If there is anything I can do for you please, don't hesitate to ask, and I will do all within my power to aid you."

Liana rises to her feet with some speed as Jacklin explodes. Where many others would have backed away, the diminutive elf stands firm in the face of the fury. In contrast to Jacklin, when her words come, they are as quiet, as cool, asemotionless as that unmoving mask of a face. Hands folded, she addresses the spitting fury before her before it can walk away. "Others besides yourself have commitments which keep them busy, Jacklin. I have a family, a forest and an academy to care for, not to mention the rangers, lesser druids, inhabitants and animals of that forest. I have healing to attend to. On top of all of that, I had a war to manage. No, I do not get information down in that forest of mine as you call it, because, for the last week or so, i have been taking time for me, time to be with my children whom I have not seen in months, time to bond with my brother who brought them to me. Is this so wrong? I am sorry for your loss, but I see not what I could have done to prevent this, so I would be grateful if you would not treat me as though I was the route of all problems. i merely offer aid, and should that be in the form of horse help or aid in your current situation, the offer stands." Unconsciously, Liana, as she always does when faced with anger, is eminating gentle waves of calm, the effort from the mind so instinctual that it goes unnoticed by the elf. Unobtrusive as it was, it usually managed to take the rough edge off the temper of an unshielded mind.

Rhocielle bowed his runic muzzle to the pixie, some semblance of a formal knighting or promoting of some sort. The gesture was cut short by the nearby regal explosion. Grey eyes settled on the Archdruid and Lady Larket herself, then back to Thea steadily. Nothing was said about the matter, as he was almost certain Jacklin would ever-so-politely instruct Liana about the recent going-ons.

Parsithius 's attempt to figure out what to say to his vehement wife is cut short by the sudden yelling from within the tavern, and an ire that sounded perfectly mimicked to the Queen; there's no more time to waste. The door is furiously swung open to reveal the platemailed frame of the King Consort, breasting the threshold and stepping foot within to immediately assess the situation. The Paladin's words are heard immediately, to which the man snarls, "Have you nothing to approach her yourself, Parson?" A blink, a brief look of apology to his friend, before the original destination is once again fixated upon; Jacklin. Lady Larket; a furious, ready-to-brawl, table-flipping-ready Queen. "Jacklin!" He snaps, not out of anger, but simply to attract her attention. "I have progress. Let us go speak of it." He'd approach her then, confidently, with azure eyes upon his wife. "Let us leave this place of interrogation." Eyes snap toward Liana as she speaks, with a tongue to match, "Lady Liana, with all due respect, shut up." A hand is held up for the questions to cease, before being outstretched to the female.

Thea is now more than angered by Liana's selfishness along with news of a fellow healer being slain, "And whilst you were busy with all those things that surround you in your own little world, an entire Grove has vanished, and don't you -dare- speak of 'Lesser Druids' as if you hold any higher station when you've done naught to earn it else we -will- be further distracted from all of this and engaged in the dethroning of your consistently bloating ego. Am I clear?" With that said, Thea now focuses on Jacklin and Parsithius, or really any who may be able to answer her querie, "Who was it? What is the name of the one now deceased?"

Jacklin would not cry. Pinching the bridge between her nose she willed herself to remain, or at least move back towards, a much calmer state of mind. As if pinching flesh would be the miracle cure for all her woes. The voice of Talisia barely heard above the usual tavern noise, “Thank you,” came a choked gratefulness. To Liana she offered little more than a steely assault, “Liana, I don’t give a damn about you watching children or rolling around in deer shi,” the word was mouthed as to not cause her to punish herself, “down in the forest. There’s a world going around here. This is why nobody gives a damn about Sage or your so-called title. You haven’t proven a thing to me. From what I hear you think lesser of all because they don’t conform to what you want. So shut the hell up and leave me be.” Taking pause she glances around the tavern. There would be plenty to talk about after this. Thea became her next target, but not the ill kind. Taking a step in her direction she offered up the name of the dead, “Beatrix Huxley.” Glancing back to Parsithius she said nothing and offered only a nod in return to his presence. She would leave with him when business had finished.

Thea's expression is stoic, recognizing the name immediately as a hand moves to cover her full lips, "Oh no..not poor Beatrix. She was a good soul. We shared books often and as Jacklin stated..she was a very promising healer. We were recently discussing some flora that may be present on one of the islands." She nods to Parsithius and re-claims her seat, "Aye then..we can discuss it at another time and location."

Liana spares no more than a glance for the queen of Enchantment. "The eternal mother chose me to be the guide of Sage, queen Thea, and that is what i do to the best of my ability. We have had casualties, yes, but it is not for my want of trying. Speak not to me as though I were one of your subjects. I am not. This is not Enchantment, and you would do well to remember that." This said, she returns her attention to Larket's lady and her husband, but still, says nothing. Anger was beginning to build in her as well, anger fueled by Heltri's eminations. A mighty struggle begins within.

Terra was near enough to hear the conversations that filled the air and learned they all centered around the murder in Larket. With that, she's quickly away before anyone could realize she had been amongst Larket's citizens that very same day...

Kelovath sighs at the King's words and offers a slight smile. The Parson took the harsh words from his friend and simply tossed them aside. Shortly after, the paladin approached the Knight and the feuding allies. "My Queen...I beleive it's time we return to Larket." It was a simple statement...A request, really and the sterness in his voice made it more than appearent that it should be met.

Tiphareth glares about the tavern, the darkness descending upon the area as the Drow makes naught an attempt at resisting it. The Eldermage held very few "friends", taking centuries to even accept the concept as feasible within his venerable brain. Darkness builds within the Eldermage, spewing forth from the Drow, robes flowing upward as mana radiates outward in waves of arcane force.

Liana is visibly rocked by the name of the unfortunate soul no longer in this world, and suddenly, all of the fight leaves her. "Dear Gods," she half whispers, but the momentary pause in emotions was just that. With a great surge, anger overwhelms her. The elf seems to swell with it. Sparks dance in those once so emotionless eyes. "Who did it," she almost growls. "Do you know yet? Jacklin, regardless of what you think of me, I would aid in the capture of the murderer. What you have said so far simply is not true, and in other, calmer times, I would speak with you of this in an attempt to put rumours in their place. For now, though, i have legions of rangers who will search, track, attempt to capture this person, for judgement must be given. Retribution must be, must be." She turns away then without finishing. She would not cry, not here. Thetime for mourning Beata would come later. "Gods, please not here," she begs silently as her eyes fill.

Jacklin slides eyes to both Kelovath and Parsithius. Both men had grown rather adept at dealing with their aged and crazed Queen it appeared. With a final look to Thea she nodded several times uncertain in her departure from the pixie. She didn’t want to leave knowing Thea had met Beatrix before. With a severe glance to Liana she barked a last offering and slipped from the tavern to allow the patrons peace once more. “If you are at all interested in behaving as a leader should than get out of the forest and make relationships. Stop blaming your own laziness on all the burdens you bear. We -all- bear the weight of titles and none of us complain.”

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