Arc:Dissonance Theory

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This is a Warrior's Guild RP.

The world called Hollow never did know peace for long . . .

The Haunted World

This arc is officially finished. Congrats, Warrior's Guild, and many thanks to the non-guildies that were involved!!

Recent Events

In a post-apocalyptic alternate reality, weary survivors Rilla and Penelope spend the last days of their lives working on a way to bring a message to this world and prevent Xicotl's absolute victory. What follows is a desperate struggle at the dark heart of the dangerous Demon Archipelago. From the ashes of tragic sacrifice, heroes are reborn and Lithrydel is given a narrow second chance to correct the course of history . . .

Important NPCs and Organizations

  • Esche
    • The Ishaarite elf at the heart of the fallen Kahran. Why does he still linger, even now? Is he friend, foe, or something in-between? What is his grand design?
  • Quinton Navarre
    • Dead. The brother of Caedan Navarre, his long journey came to a tragic end in the savage depths of the Demon Archipelago.
  • Xicotl
    • The subterranean eldritch horror whose roots have spanned countless millennia. Hellbent upon performing its pending Harvest, consuming the flesh and souls of every Lithrydelian.
  • Risu Nanashi
    • The woman who is and isn't. Why does she appear so familiar? What did Lionel and the late Quinton hide?
  • Jessie Raspberry
    • The spunky scientist with a passion for archaeology. Her life orbits too close to chaos . . .
  • Viera
    • A woman from Brand's past whose return sparks trouble in paradise.
  • The Thralls
    • Xicotl's army of twisted abominations, the leftover dredges from past civilizations. Some among them maintain a selective sentience and a singular, genocidal ambition.
  • The Requital
    • Nomadic elven extremists native to the Southern Sage. For too many years, mankind has overstepped its bounds. Blood must be paid for with blood. Only Krice can becalm this storm.

Chapter One: The Land Resents

Chapter Two: In the Blink of an Eye

Chapter Three: Future Imperfect

  1. Die Trying
  2. The Demon Archipelago
  3. Etch an Esche
  4. Night of the Living Dead Girls 2: This Time, It's Personal
  5. Expect Nothing And You Will Never Be Disappointed
  6. Ruminating Rorin
  7. A Shadowy Correspondence
  8. The Power Of Love
  9. Gotta Punch 'Em All
  10. Commissions Galore
  11. A Slice Of Life
  12. What to Do At The End of the World
  13. The Demons Within Us: Team Tranquility
  14. The Demons Within Us: Team Mhara
  15. The Demons Within Us: Team Six
  16. The Voyage Home
  17. In The Land Of Gods And Monsters
  18. Bob An Apple, Save The World
  19. If I Burn
  20. I Belong To You
  21. How Have We Not Talked To Each Other Yet?
  22. Backstep... to the Future
  23. Hooked On A Feeling
  24. Just Another Warrior's Guild Meeting...
  25. Shield And Squire
  26. Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Poison's Door
  27. What The Heck?!
  28. Yeehaw For Frostmaw
  29. Crushcrushcrush
  30. The Snakes in Strauss
  31. The Twins
  32. Caltarok Seeks Vigilanti Semper
  33. Gneiss Punch

Chapter Four: Immolation

"If all else fails, use fire."
  1. Signed and Sealed, Yours Truly
  2. To Lead When No One Else Wants To
  3. The Warriors Initiative
  4. Project Dissonance Theory Intel
  5. Clearing The Air
  6. Hunting Those That Cannot Be Saved
  7. Druids of Frostmaw
  8. Embrace The Madness
  9. Will They Ever Stop Fighting?
  10. Enthralling Experiments: Nature Magic
  11. Enthralling Experiments: Arcane and Divine Magic
  12. Light a Candle, Cast a Shadow
  13. Healing the Druid's Eternal Tree
  14. The Needs Of The Many Outweigh The Needs Of The Few
  15. Doing What You Must To Win
  16. Enthralling Experiments: Don't Lose Your Head
  17. Enthralling Experiments: The Final Results
  18. Xicotl Frostmaw Battle - Beldur & Kailani
  19. Xicotl Frostmaw Battle - Krice & Kreekitaka
  20. Xicotl Frostmaw Battle - The Decoys
  21. Xicotl Frostmaw Battle - The Triage
  22. Xicotl Frostmaw Battle - The Triage Post Battle
  23. Weighing Of The Hearts
  24. Xicotl Frostmaw Battle - Uprooting the Enemy
  25. Xicotl Frostmaw Battle: The Aftermath

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