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Lionel O'Connor is human and Catalian. He was born into that nation's royal family, but spirited away at an early age when a rival organization murdered the king and queen and conquered the land. He came to Lithrydel at the age of 15, a reckless and arrogant boy who history quickly conspired to graft into a hero. In an earlier era, he fought alongside fabled knights such as Donovan Keane and the elf Kalid in several historic conflicts.

While he's regarded favorably in many corners of Lithrydel, some regions -- Vailkrin most prominent among them -- despise him for alleged war crimes committed in the Battle for Vailkrin during the Second Immortal War. His army's counterattack against the drow and vampiric forces of Khasad inadvertently gave the enemy the means to destroy the city almost utterly. Vailkrinites hold him in deepest contempt for choosing an unwinnable battle over retreat. While Lionel's own forces argued -- compellingly -- that Vailkrin's continuing loyalty to the Immortals was marked hypocrisy given the destruction they brought to the city, Lionel himself carries the burden as his own.

Other conflicts, such as the Battle for Dawn which concluded that war and his efforts against organizations such as Vyrick's Empire and the Eternally Damned, cast Lionel in a stronger light. It is through these events that he gained such notoriety, but he has never been able to excuse himself for any and all losses of innocent life suffered along the way.

He wields Hellfire, a fabled blade possessed by a vengeful Ishaarite spirit known as Halycanos. Through Hellfire, he is capable of great magical feats and almost supernatural swiftness, but without his connection to Halycanos he is merely a man.

Rumors persist that the gods blessed him with a form of immortality for his achievements eight years ago, but he refuses to speak of it with anyone. The truth is that he reviled their meddling, grief-stricken as he was over the loss of his wife, Alexia Isis, and while he was unable to prevent the boon of being unable to die of old age, he can be killed like any other man alive.

February 2016 through October 2017

He returned to the realm in February 2016 after an eight-year absence, irrevocably changed by the scouring of Catal by remnant Immortal forces. Haunted by all those he could not save, from Alexia and other fallen Lithrydelian allies to the millions of silenced souls in Catal, at first he dove into every conflict he could find, hoping to find a measure of salvation in death. It was as if he'd become that boy again, the boy of 15 who'd come ashore in Lithrydel half a lifetime ago.

The influence of encounters with Queen Hildegarde the Silver, Brand, Khatherine "Khitti" von Schreier, the late Briar Ku Risu and several other newfound friends instilled in the man a renewed sense of purpose. He served as Steward and Knight-Commander of Frostmaw and Champion of the Warrior's Guild whilst investigating a rising threat across the realm. He battled Macon's Larket, a saurian incursion, and an insectoid menace lurking beneath the earth. All-the-while, he gathered together a capable crew in secret preparation for what he feared would be "the wars to come" -- wars he was reticent to discuss. Along the way, he regained aspects of his humanity that he lost during the latter days of his original years in Lithrydel.

November 2017 through Current

As of November 2017, Lionel's worst fears have come true. Kahran, a remnant soldier of the Second Immortal War, has revealed himself as the suspect in multiple deadly attacks throughout the realm in the time since Lionel's return. His influence has likely affected such arcs as Township Troopers, Sauriangate, Rise of Larket and beyond. When Lionel witnesses Kahran commit a massacre in Cenril and claim responsibility for the scouring of Catal, he is shattered, eminently aware that in allowing his humanity to return, he's grown too attached to men and women who needed to be better-prepared for this.

Fear and anger mark his current mental state. He will stop at nothing to see Kahran slain before the carnage that annihilated Catal -- and almost annihilated Lithrydel 12 years ago -- kills his loved ones all over again.


Name: Lionel O'Connor
Race: Human
Titles: Hero of Hellfire; Catal's Last Prince; Steward and Knight-Commander of Frostmaw; Champion of the Warrior's Guild; Butcher of Vailkrin
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 182 lbs
Age: 30
Build: Lithe
Hair Color: Ash blond
Eye Color: Azure