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Beldur Havenwolf

"The man before you is obviously a young knight. The long dark hair is tied in a neat ponytail, while sky blue eyes filled with discipline and courage stared back at you. His weapons seemed at home on his side and the shield upon his back held down the long cloak that bellowed in the wind."


Class: Knight

Race: Frostmawian Human

Age: 24 Weight: 198 LB

Build: Powerful

Alignment: Lawful Good

Knight Rank: Knight Errant

Guild or Order: Warriors Guild

Languages known: Common, and elven.

Patron Deity: Arkhen

Code of Honor

To serve the liege lord in valor and faith.

To protect the weak and defenseless.

To give succor to widows and orphans.

To refrain from the wanton giving of offence.

To live by honor and for glory.

To despise pecuniary reward.

To fight for the welfare of all.

To obey those placed in authority.

To guard the honor of fellow knights.

To eschew unfairness, meanness and deceit.

At all times to speak the truth.

To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun.

To respect the honor of women.

Never to refuse a challenge from an equal.

Never to turn the back upon a foe.


OOC: No, these are not actual players. These are just imaginary linage for Beldur.

(Father) Sir Keldur Havenwolf (Mother) Mera Havenwolf (Siblings) Lavia Havenwolf (Sister second born), Brutus Havenwolf (Third born) Loric Havenwolf (Last born)

(Grandparents) (Father side Grandfather) Ledur Havenwolf (Mother side Grandfather) Dorval Windsinger (Father side Grandmother) Lily Havenwolf (Mother's side Grandmother) Jane Windsinger

Extended family: Over the generations of traveling the caravan grew quite large. Hosting a great many families. Basicly the Havenwolfs didn't count but know there's a great deal.

Enemies: An unknown enemy of the family.

Friends: N/A


Beldur was born in a military compound at the foothills of the Xalious Mountains. His parents were both traveling Knight Errant. In search of a worthy lord for their ever-growing family. with moderate wealth from the minor tokens of thanks villages would give them. Their aid to the various nations military made a positive affiliation with them. The Havenwolf's aiding in protecting civilians or training the militia has earned them more than one squire to join their kin.

Merchants and farmers alike have enjoyed the company of the Havenwolf's. With their strong religious commitments to Arkhen, they often take to the calling of paladinhood, or knighthood. The family power is often divided between the knights and paladins who often argue over how to lead the family. Both having similar goals and oaths they're sworn to uphold. But both agree that Arkhen is their patron deity and won't fight each other on a pilgrimage to his temple. Being from the Xalious foothills, they're more supportive of the Archmage and Heir apparent. Ready to take up arms as long as they have no lord to follow. They're often seen as fair in their private ethics.

Beldur was raised early on with religious instructions. Being taught Arkhen's teachings and often told what would happen once he died to a noble cause and in the line of duty. With his family on their quest to find a worthy lord to follow, he was taken over many lands and got to see a great deal of people. His tutor was an elven scholar that his father saved from many dangers. Giving the young man formal education in the workings of politics. His father and mother teaching and grooming him to be a knight.

His parents ensured he knew that there were many unsung heroes in his linage. A hero who successfully save their family, with the aid of a pair of artisans. Though it was obvious that there was another who helped start the Havenwolf family, the name was scratched out and lost to the waves and ebb of time. While this greatly disturbed the family as a whole, not many chose to undertake the quest to recover that name.

Beldurs trained for years to make his kin proud. As the eldest, it was his duty to become the next Havenwolf leader. Though his knighting ceremony was interrupted with an arrow, he didn't flinch. Throughout the travels he made with his kin, it wasn't surprising that the Havenwolfs made an enemy or two. Despite this, Beldur was knighted by the head paladin of Arkhen in the family, his uncle on his mother's side. Given the traditional family title of Knight Errant as a reminder that they have yet to find a lord to serve.

After the ceremony, it was learned that the elven tutor and his grandparents as well as some of the others from their family were gone. Vanished into thin air. Beldur's father forbid him to go after the group. Instead charging him with continuing their family quest to find a worthy lord to follow and serve under. The rest of them will go after the group of missing people. Charged with the family quest, Beldur's father gave him one last advice and a bag of gold: train at the Warriors Guild in Frostmaw. This is how his story began, how will it end, no one knows.

It has been a while since he shown his face in Frostmaw. Hunting in the frozen wastes. Improving his combat prowess and going so far as to fight what he could find. His heavy boots, repaired untold times, thump on the tavern floor. His muscular body nearly didn't fit in the armor he wore. The once lean form was no more. Muscular, wizened, and had as much ice in his beard as he did hair. A true Frostmawian warrior. But now his purpose was to be renewed.

Magical Equipment

Ensorcelled Mithril Half-Plate -Given to him by Dyraxdiin during the Titans of Winter Tournament.

--High resistance to Magic (Enchanted by a long line of Gray Dragons.)

--Able to Reshape itself to fit the user with a thought

---Class: Armor

---Rarity: Artifact

---Has a list of a dozen or so Gray Dragons.