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Dr. Noah Atwood

- Human

- Mercenary

- Psychiatrist

- Immortal (Cannot die from natural causes, doesn't age, heals a little faster than a human.)

- 30/Light Skinned

- Brown Hair/Hazel Eyes

- 6'/180 lbs

- Single

- Neutral Alignment

- Warrior's Guildmate

- Hails from Baridgherdon (Not found on any maps, very far from Lithrydel.)

- Resides in Rynvale

- Works in Cenril at 1455 West Beloy Street. (I don't have a tile, it's just for rp location purposes.)

- Angela Graham - An elderly woman he calls 'gram' that is his housekeeper/secretary.

- Buddy - An arthritic golden retriever and his best friend.

- Enjoys scotch, frequenting the library, and playing some pool.

- Sarcastic and blunt most of the time, rarely sugar coats his words, even with his patients.

Out of Character:

- I do have a Discord where I can be reached at Noah Atwood #9234, but hmail is probably best as I check it more often.

- It would be great if Noah could join the Healer's Guild at some point in the future.

- Noah was created and entered Hollow on 4/11/2022.