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Strange, sinister, supernatural tragedies beset Xalious Village. An investigation into the culprit behind these deeds unearths evil forces that summon a legendary creature from another plane to bring about the end days. Its name is Alithyk Caluss.
This arc is now over! Next arc? The God of Undeath

OOC Coordinator: Gevurah
OOC Timeline

The Story

Chapter One

Summary: Strange storms and black ooze afflict Xalious, and Josleen and Linn suspect three necromancers in the Mage's Guild may be behind it. With the help of others (Larewen, Callamyre, Hildegarde, Ansel, Kang, etc.) they investigate the case.
  1. Bird Down
  2. Detectives Linn and Josleen, Amateurs‎
  3. Resources Needed
  4. Storm Chasers
  5. Gift of Friendship
  6. Tour of Xalious + Suspicions
  7. Hudson Airlines, Laboratory Services, and 'Medicinal' Herb Emporium
  8. Order of the Newbs
  9. Witholding Information
  10. The Purifier

Chapter Two

Summary: Linn, Kang, Josleen, and (earlier) Hudson discover that three necromancers (named Quave, Erlan and Molostroi) are trying to summon a monster from another plane. Assassins attempt to kill Josleen.
  1. In Which Ralph Is Forced To Endure Further Obnoxious Humanoids
  2. Diamond in the Sky
  3. Salvaging Reality
  4. Fermin Trap
  5. Badger Kit Snot
  6. Basketbrawl
  7. Howl for Revenge
  8. Like Minds

Chapter Three

Summary: The Dark Imp reveals herself at the Xalious political forum and declares her intentions to enslave the residents of both Frostmaw and Xalious. She is the big boss of the three necromancers (and it is later discovered, a lich who also goes by the moniker The Savage Queen). At the forum, Reginae takes Quave prisoner.
  1. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
  2. Badger Kit Snot Getting Better
  3. Pendants

Chapter Four

Summary: During an interrogation in Frostmaw, Quave reveals that The Savage Queen's phylactery is the garland of sculls worn by none other than Orikahn, presumed ally of Frostmaw (and Xalious by association). The garland is destroyed, and so too is the lich presumed dead, but Orikahn escaped. Then, at the yule ball, Orikahn returns with The Savage Queen and it is revealed that there is one more phylactery: Hildegarde's heart. Leone stabs Hildegarde through the heart to kill the lich once and for all.
  1. Interrogation Killed the Cat
  2. Soul Crushing via Phylacteries and Cakelog Denial
  3. Escape Plan P: Pixie
  4. Breaking the News (and the Glassware)
  5. Yule Be Sorry
  6. Be Still, My Chaos Beating Heart

Chapter Five

Summary: After the death of The Savage Queen and Quave, Erlan and Molostroi decide to lay low for a while and let things settle. However, they have not abandoned their ambitions to resurrect The Order of the Shade and summon the Shade Nightmare from another plane. They succeed at the Xalious Elections, and the Shade Nightmare escapes into the darkness to plot the recruitment of his army to bring the end days and ascend to godhood. On the opposite side of the war, Kovl works to flex the Mage's Guild muscle to oppose the Shade Nightmare.
  1. Racing Golems and Bards
  2. Man-date Interrupted
  3. Villain Squad Accepts 'Iseng'
  4. Spooky Support
  5. New Kid in Town
  6. Summoning a Nightmare
  7. The Hunt Is Back On
  8. Rather Convenient Options
  9. Homecoming
  10. Taking Initiative, the Guild Awakens

Chapter Six

Summary: The shade nightmare recruits Patron Deriin of House Fuer'yonii d'Aphyon to be his army's general. General Deriin recruits Lieutenant Trajek, who soon forged a blade made from an undead basilisk.
Gevurah and Lanlan discover the creature calls itself Alithyk Caluss and he is amassing an army of undead in the chaos realm. They plot to kidnap one of Caluss's cultists to gather more information, then empower the cultist in a series of championship battles to scare the drow into banding together against Caluss.
Kelovath finds the last of the five pieces if the Order of the Shade set.
  1. General Deriin
  2. The Missing Piece
  3. Alithyk Caluss Castle
  4. Cinder and Smoke
  5. Lieutenant Trajek
  6. Aiden and the Basilisk Baby
  7. Seance
  8. Deriin Creates a Nightmare
  9. A Dramatically Ironic Alliance
  10. Xzavior Rider of Vakmatharas
  11. Deriin Attempts to Recruit Lady Dragana
  12. It's All Rigged!
  13. Forging the Basilisk Blade
  14. Portal Hopping

Chapter Seven

Summary: After extensive research in the various dark planes, Gevurah develops a theory that the gloomglut in the Plane of Shadows share common traits with Alithyk Caluss. Determined to capture a gloomglut to experiment on, she makes a deal with Khitti, the only person she's heard of who can open portals to the shadow realm.

Meanwhile in Vailkrin, Trajek seeks to convert Larewen to Caluss's stabbing her repeatedly by the Undead Basilisk Blade. It seems to be working?
  1. Trusting The Enemy
  2. Nothing Shows Concern Like a Blade in the Gut
  3. The Grand Re-Opening of Vailkrin's Slave Market
  4. Death of a Vampire, Birth of a Queen


Team Just Wanna Live
Team Alithyk Caluss
In Xalious
The Main Big, Bad Army
  • Mage's Guild - As Xalious's ruling institution, responsible for its care
  • Alithyk Caluss aka The Shade Nightmare - A nightmarish creature summoned from another plane to revive The Order of the Shade and bring the dark days to Hollow; wants to become a god. This is the big baddie of Agitation, and an NPC.
    • Lieutenant Trajek - ghoul, death knight, unorthodox necromancer
Unlikely Allies
Past Foes
  • The Dark Imp/The Savage Queen DEAD - A shrouded black female lich who wears a crown of brambles. She wants to take Xalious for herself. She was Quave, Erlan, and Molostroi's master, until she was killed in Chapter Four.
  • Three Necromancers - They want to bring back the Order of the Shade. Also wear the emblem of The Mage's Guild, apprentice status. They have been spotted after each strange storm and credited with covering up evidence of the events. They summoned a creature they call the Shade Nightmare, and are likely the ones who hired assassins to kill Josleen (foiled).
    • Quave - DEAD, captured by Reginae, killed by Amabella. A half-drow necromancer, leader of the trio.
    • Erlan - DEAD, elf; originally an illusionist, shifted training to become a necromancer, elf, was in command after Quave died. Killed by Deriin.
    • Molostroi - MIA, necromancer, elf.


Monster Attacks (Tournament)

Mutated monsters are attacking the village! The Xalious Militia and other allies fend them off, and along the way find some interesting items.