Arc:I Got 99 Problems, and a Congenital Defect is One

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Josleen discovers that she has a very atypical and bizarre vulnerability to a specific sub-category of magic. Together with her friends, she sets about trying to solve the mystery of her defect.

  1. Getting Trolled by Flowers
  2. I Like Swamp Flowers
  3. Bringing in Skylei


Josleen and Skylei visit Glenys, the druid that protects The Healing Tree, to ask if Josleen can be cured. Glenys explains that Josleen's resistance to enchantment magic was malformed in the womb. She needs to reenter the womb in order to fix it. Glenys tells the women of the enchanted, pixie-sized butterfly cocoon which may serve Josleen as a surrogate womb for her body to be reknit, correctly this time. Reaching the cocoon and Trith, the pixie elder and the Guardian of the Cocoon is a dangerous, three-day mission. Skylei and Lydrain create a shrinking potion for the mission. Josleen enlists the aid of her pixie friend, Kovl. Together, Josleen, Skylei, Lydrain and Kovl will make the trek to Trith and hope that this cocoon will be able to restore Josleen.

  1. On a Mission to Mend
  2. Fifty Shades of Green
  3. Always Bring Your Pixie
  4. Gearing Up for Desert Blizzards
  5. Death, Doom and Rebirth: An Enchantment Tale


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  1. How To Eat the Wind