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Revan's Tale

* An Awakening - [12/7/15]
  Rinn digs up an old grave in the Northern Sage Forest releasing an undead illusionist known as Revan (Formerly Tyler) into The World Called Hollow.
* Understanding Death - [12/9/15]
  Gevurah finds Revan at the Grand Temple of Vakmatharas in Vailkrin and agrees to take him on as an apprentice in order to teach him the ways of the death god, but trust is not easily earned as she dispatches Vakko to stalk the undead man and report his routine.
* Feeding Evil - [12/14/15]
  Phaedra finds herself face to face with a mutated freak who demands a sacrifice or her life.
* Children of the Maw - [12/28/15]
  Aira allows herself to be consumed by a horde of demonic children instead of fighting back.
* You're Going To Be Alright, I Promise. - [12/30/15]
  Pilar shows mercy when it is needed most.
* Devil Looks Like A Lady - [1/2/16]
  Linn rejects the advances of a succubus and seals her away using an artifact of Vakmatharas.
* Religious Wars - [1/5/16]
  Khitti allows herself to be taken over by Amarrah in order to eliminate and order of Olric's warriors.
* Girls Gored Wildly - [1/8/16]
  Artia faces her trial in Delisha's Temple of Pleasure as Pilar is torn apart.
* Dreaming of Answers - [1/18/16]
  Pilar plucks a petal from her white rose to summon Revan (as Tyler) and ask him for answers.
* I Love Your Skin, May I Have It? - [1/18/16]
  Meri encounters an odd woman in the forest who tries to steal her skin.
* I'm A Monster! - [1/19/16]
  Xzavior finds himself pitted against a young girl and her serpents.
* Passing Through Purgatory - [1/22/16]
  Revan finally confronts his murderer.
* Celebrity Death Maker - [1/25/16]
  Gevurah begins Revan's training.
* Love Me, Now? - [2/5/16]
  Josleen meets her secret admirer.
* The Morbid Reaper - [3/29/16]
  Aira witnesses the mindless slaughter of her students in part of her coward's fate.
* Feel The Chill of Despair - [4/19/16]
  Josleen receives her punishment for trying to rid herself of her black rose.
* Blessed - [4/28/16]
  Josleen and Kelovath summon Revan in an attempt to remove the curse placed upon Josleen. Kelovath succeeds in convincing Revan to break the curse, but fails to learn the names of Revan's other victims.
* Stay The Hell Out Of It, Jos. - [5/5/16]
  Revan corners Josleen to extract revenge for bringing the Paladin Kelovath into his affairs but his plans fall apart when his former self decides to step in. This is the first RP to introduce the Blue Rose.
* Emerus and Revan v Helga - [6/8/16]
  Revan attempts to free merchant hostages for Hildegarde's side in the war for Frostmaw. He fails.
* A Meeting of the Forsaken - [9/15/16]
  Two strangers suffering the same fate meet.
* Instant Crush - [9/15/16]
  Revan confronts Skylei and severs his ties to the woman permanently.
* Of Morals and Mortals - [9/16/16]
  Revan has an oddly human conversation with Linn.
* Our Sanctuary - [9/26/16]
  Despite the power of a Blue Rose, Revan/Tyler and Skylei are reunited.
* Memory of a Dead Man - [10/25/16]
  Revan revels his past identity to Meri.
* Void of Emotion - [11/4/16]
  Blut takes the life of an innocent, yet still receives a white rose.