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About The Tavern

Owners: Joliette Thorne (Jolie)

The Hanging Corpse was reconstructed some years ago now, after it was burned to the ground during the war against the Empire. Extensive remodeling has seen it and its surrounding streets re-created in damage-resistant blackstone, lending the city an even gloomier air, and providing defense against constant destruction.

Current Staff


This well-appointed tavern, the finest and most notorious in all the Dark Lands, has seen and survived a great deal of trouble over the years. Evidence of this lingers, even its present form:

    • The resident barkeep, Steadman, sports a single eye, the other torn from his head by the terrifying vampire Darian.
    • The goblin-headed fireplace, several of the chairs surrounding it, sundry other furnishings, and purportedly even the cutlery at times, are known to take on a life of their own, due to the lingering taint of a sick and manipulative being who once wore the shape of a man named Wile. His skull is now displayed above the tavern’s door, so all patrons can witness what became of him. Well, most of him. The parts Deilakrion didn’t eat.
    • Security in the Dark Lands is ever an issue, and none is more dedicated to keeping the Hanging Corpse free of trouble than its resident bouncers, led by Urghdak Trollson, an aptly-named hybrid between orc and troll who rarely sleeps and is ever-watchful for reasons to demonstrate why he has been dubbed “the Vicious”.


The tavern has several interesting features in its upper levels that may tempt patrons to part with their gold:

  • The Den of Iniquity

One of the more opulent rooms for rent, this room is the scene of many a lurid rendezvous.

  • The Den of Vice

Soon to be remodelled as a luxury guest room.

  • The Den of Vixens

A seedier, less crowded bar than the one downstairs, Vixens is managed by the lovely Diamanda, who organises cabaret events, tends bar, and often acts as point of contact for the many shady deal transacted in the club’s smoky confines.

  • The Den of Thieves

Management and affiliates only. Enter at own risk.

Item List

Item Gold Silver Copper
Raw Meat 0 0 4
Rare Steak 0 0 4
Dark Chicken 10 2 0
Dead Rat 0 0 1
Blood Wine 0 2 0
Dark Ale 0 1 2
Goat Milk 0 0 1
Tainted Wine 10 0 0
Dark Moonshine 2 0 0
Water 0 0 2
Dark Vodka 0 2 1
Elven Blood Wine 1 0 0
Black Fire Wine 10 5 5
Poisoned Wine 0 0 15
Dragon Blood 8 10 6
Dead Fish 0 5 0
Pixie Beer 0 5 0
Pickled Eyeball 0 6 3
Spider Eggs 0 3 5
Lady Finger 5 8 0
Pixie Dust 1 10 0
Peach Wine 0 6 8
Corn On The Cob 1 0 0
Butter 0 5 3
Peanut Butter Fudge 2 1 0
Sweet Pickle 0 5 0
Fresh Blood Sausage 6 6 6

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