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The Fallen Star, as it is more informally called, is an Inn. It provides food, drink, and a nice place to rest after travelling through Venturil's lands.


The Fallen Star Inn has gone through many trials and many owners. Some of its owners were more widely known than others, one being Britta, the late Queen of the city. After her death, another woman took the stand to help the Inn prosper. This woman went by the name of Sophie. Her reign came to an abrupt halt when Nasche received a letter from the past Queen that handed the tavern down to her.

Nasche is the current owner.


This place was built as a reminder for its people. It was built to be peaceful, as a place to get away from the many dangers Venturil holds.

It holds a large furnace on one side of its walls, which is not only used for heat and light, but for cooking the food in a wide variety of ways. On an opposite wall, people can go to drink at the bar.

In the back, on both walls, is a staircase leading up toward the rooms. Luckily, from how the place was built, the furnace transfers heat throughout every room upstairs.


The Inn is located near Venturil's more prominent parts. It's right off the from the castle, and is surrounded by the clinic, the main street, and the town promenade.


Item Gold Silver Copper
Leg of Beef 0 8 5
Chicken Leg 5 0 0
Leg of Lamb 0 5 0
Leg of Turkey 0 3 5
Ale 0 0 3
Beer 0 0 2
Apple Cider 0 1 3
Red Wine 0 1 0
White Wine 0 3 0
Spring Water 0 0 2
Venturil mead 10 0 0
Goat Milk 0 0 1
Cabbage Soup 0 0 2
Home Made Bread 0 0 2
Spit Roasted Hog 1 5 0
Steak 0 3 5
Venturil Raptor Steak 20 0 0


There will be a few alliances made that will help the Inn prosper, and that the inn will help in turn.

Shelter for Younglings

An Alliance with the Shelter For Younglings has been made. As group project, the inn will be taking in the older children from the orphanage and giving them a place to work and live. As an added bonus, some of the funds made from the Inn will be transferred to the Shelter to help with any needed repairs or supplies if money runs low.

If there's trouble, the orphanage can also be granted free rooms to stay in.

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