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This page describes a character who is dead or retired from Hollow.


Work in progress

Recent Events

-Ship gets caught in a terrible storm; shipwrecks off the coast of Rynvale.
-Got attacked by a horse-sized goat.
-Looks for work; is hired by Eboric as a blacksmith for his warband.
-Leads a fire squad in quenching a fire at Rynvale's docks.
-Fights in the war with Eboric
-Lots of tavern brawls
-Gets tacked on as Ambassador to Venturil by King Eboric
-Joins the Cenrilli Guard
-Sets up her forge in Cenril
-Begins selling her armor and weapons to nearby shops
-Spends a lot of time in the Library of Cenril
-Notices the Church is being weird...
-Meets Alareik
-Builds her house in Cenril
-Kills Alareik
-Works with the Guard on reforms
-Becomes Cenrilli Guard Leader; Takes position as General.
-Defends Cenril from cultist activities
-Begins the Cenrilian Revival
-Whoa dang


Eyes: a piercing shade of blue
Hair: sometimes in dreads, sometimes in a messy ponytail. Firey red.
Skin: naturally is lighter, but due to years on the sea, she's developed a nice tan.
Scent: usually smells like the sea.
Markings: nothing to date.
Weight: somewhere between average and thin. not a beanpole by any means. 150 pounds.
Height: somewhere between tall and short. 5'4.
Age: 20

Whatcha See

Alice, or 'Al' As she likes to go by when introducing herself, is clad in leather, bone, and wood pieces. She's rather pretty, but usually has oil, grease, or dirt on her face from working. Same with her grubby hands. Even when she washes her hands, she still manages to keep some dirt under her fingernails. More often than not, she has her unruly auburn curls shoved into a messy ponytail, or sometimes in dreads that hang loosely around her shoulders, she is clearly not the kind of girl who cares much about looks. She seems a jolly character. Her voice has a Cockney/Scottish feel to it, but its clear by the look in her eyes that she's actually very intelligent.

Career Info

Race: human. always was, always will be.
Class: warrior. learned to fight at a young age, raised with two brothers, and her da.
Blacksmith: entire life. learned from her uncle, who she was apprenticed to at the age of six. Is now the blacksmith who supplies most of the shops in Cenril.
Sailor...Captain: 7 years, nonstop on the seas. started when she was 13, shipwrecked into Rynvale at 20.
Handy...woman?: odd jobs here and there, just needs cash to get a new ship, you know?
Carpenter: entire life. had to rebuild her da's house once. built her ship.
Ambassador: earned for being loyal to King Eboric.
General: leader of the Cenrilli Guard, thanks to hard work and sacrifice.

Personal Junk


-Da:Deceased; her father
-Ma:Deceased; her mother
-Aggie:whereabouts unknown-presumably deceased; her younger sister
-Tasgal:Deceased; her brother, twin to Davie
-Davie:Deceased; her brother, twin to Tasgal


-Maybe Tsaer. Maybe. deceased?
-Also maybe Fuan. missing
-Skjorta deceased
-Ezekiel, when she sees him around
-Alareik deceased


Vuryal: For being the one who caused her brother's deaths. Desparrow: For being suspected of working for Vuryal.


-Hard work. She's worked for most of what she has, save for the occasional help from a stranger.
-Alcohol. If she's not on a ship, battling some monster, or smithing, she can be found in a tavern or bar, trying the local burns.
-Horses. Holy crap this woman loves horses.
-Exploring. She likes adventuring around, seeing what she can find.
-Fighting. Not your average girl, this one can be found in brawls every now and then.
-Her goggles. Don't ask. But don't mess with her goggles.
-Her gloves. Don't mess with those either.
-Her boots. You can mess with them. But she'll be mad.


-Dresses. She hates them.
-Dressing up/Being fancy. What's the point, if she's gotta work?
-Losing her hat or gloves.
-Running dry. Lawdy, she hates that.
-Losing. She's really competitive.
-Talking about her ma.


This set is worn Icly.
-Kick-arse Boots (given oocly by Quinmyutiotu)
Alice loves her boots like she loves her own mother. They were given to her as a gift by her father back when he still lived.

-Magnified Alchemists Inspection Goggles (Given oocly by Ranok)
These goggles are always on, in one of three styles. Most of the time, the goggles are up, holding her hair back out of her face. Other times, they hang loosely around her neck. And sometimes, if she's riding a horse, they're actually over her eyes.

-2 fang earrings (bought them)
Alice has always loved natural jewelry, bone, wood, that sort of thing. She got these specific earrings when she killed a sea monster. Yeah. That's right. These are Kraken teeth. Ripped right out of it's mouth. She killed the bugger herself. Ask her about it sometime. It's pretty cool.

-Bloodstone Amulet (bought item)
No real story here. Yet?

-Gold-Buttoned Greatcoat (Ranok, thanks.)
No captain is complete without a captainy-looking coat!

-burgundy laceup-corset (bought)
This corset has a beautiful wine color, and has decorative bronze plated breast area, bars, and a bronze-colored embroidered clockwork cog as a decoration, symbolizing her love for inventing.

-2 mithril armband (bought)
She wears these in honor of her brothers who died. Each one is crafted out of what was left of their armor.

-black-leather-fingerless gloves (bought)
She wears these at all times. Doesn't really have a reason why. Mostly because she likes how they look. Also because they keep her hands safe when she's tinkering.

-2 bone ring (bought)
The left ring is crafted from the bones of a bear. The right ring is crafted from the bones of a mountain lion.

-black-leather pants (bought)
Comfortable. Easy to work in. They keep her legs safe from hot ash and sparks. They tuck into her boots. Yeah.

-2 Black wristband (bought)
More of a fashion statement than anything else.

OOC Info

Do want! Do want!(wishlist)
Enchanted Skeleton Bone Corset
Multihelix Bone Piercings
enchanted-bone-crafted boots