Archmosian Empire

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The Archmosian Empire is the formal name given to the United Darklands Empire under the rule of the Shadow Council. The Resurrected, now known as the Shadow Vendetta and its allies comprise the military arm of the Empire. The motto of this new land is "Order from Chaos".

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Recent Imperial News

The mighty Empire fades away... perhaps for the final time.

Archived Imperial News

  • The city of Rynvale has succumbed to the will of the Empire. Now, the entire island is under the United Societies of the Archosmian Empire.
  • The city of Rynvale is being rebuilt, including opening the sewers as well as a locale to keep the local pirates pleasant and happy.
  • The War with the Fold is over, the Empire having been victorious.
  • The engagement of Emperor Vuryal and Lady Leigh Sinclair of Venturil was announced on August 24th.
  • Emperor Vuryal and Lady Leigh Sinclair were married in the Grandiose Courtyard of Rynvale.
  • The Imperial Gladitorial Bouts have started.

Shadow Council Members

States of the Empire and its Allies

Royal Family

Provincial Governors

Province Governor
Alithrya Emperor Vuryal
Gamorg Nagroth
Kregus None
Vhys Lich Queen and Imperatrix Ryeanna Drakenheart

Citizen List

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Kwen Splag Firewing Tanya