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There are Rumors that are barely whispered around the streets and in the taverns. Tales of a disliked man who is found at the Edge of the Nameless Desert. (Directions from KT: 1s, 3e, 1s, 3e, 6s, 2e , 3s.) He'll give you a half-pound bag filled with actual grains of gold, if you bring to him a Piece of Parchment, a Sugary Confection, and an Inkwell.

There's also another rumor that's told about this man. He can offer you anything you desire. Any wealth you want, any chance at life, any power you crave. No request is too dark for him to complete for you. But before you ask him to complete your request, you must ask yourself.

"Am I desperate enough?"

Firewing's Profile, as well as all information on him can be found on the link Here. I'll list any recent changes I've made to the website on this website, so you guys can keep track of how recent his changes have been.