Arc:Reopening the Bazaar

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Description: The Merchant's Guild has received a request for help from the merchants and shops in the Archmosian Bazaar. With the castle gone, no one can reach them, and they are desperate for relief and customers. Cyllarus is organizing an operation to build a new road to the Bazaar, around the old site of the castle, and reopen it to outside traffic.

IC Events

  • Cyllarus has advertised for a scout to determine the best route for the road to take around the castle.
  • Several members of the Guild have volunteered to organize or oversee portions of the project. Morvious, Sophie, Aldred, and Aranhil to date.

OOC Planning

I'm putting this in here because there are other RPs taking place in Rynvale, and this lets those folks know about our plans and can let me know if we need to coordinate anything.

  1. Talking with Ryeanna and Arien to determine the current status of the island
    • The entire island is currently still in Imperial hands
    • Gamorg is under the control of Gruz.
    • Ryeanna is arranging for someone to take control of Rynvale City
  2. Arrange a scout or scouting party up to Ruined Hill to plan the road. Aldred has volunteered to lead or be a part of that.
  3. We need to talk to the leader of Port Rynvale, make sure of any tariffs or restrictions we'd have to obey to move the building supplies through there.
  4. Send a diplomatic mission to Gamorg to see if we can get permission to send our supplies through there.
    • If not, we'll have to transport through the Dragonlands which, although shorter, would be more dangerous.
  5. RP building the road at Ruined Hill.

Preparation for the RP

  • Aranhil and Aldred have been given the Reopening of the Bazaar rp. They are making preparations now to get it underway.
  • As mentioned above we intend to speak with those in control of Rynvale for any fees and such. (I have come to find out that Ryeanna is the one I need to speak to about this.)
  • There are plans in motion to send a scout of some kind to the area so that it may be icly learned by the Merchants how much rubble and ruins need to be moved so that a path can be built.
  • Once this is done Aranhil who has had IC meetings with the new Gualon Champion, Greux, will speak with him again though this time he hopes to get help from the orc that live there in removing all the debris.

Role-Play so Far

The Following are the RP's that have happened in relation to this RP ARC. They are in order of Happening.
--Note: RP's with red links our set to happen and have yet to occur--

Preparing the Mission

The following are RP's leading up to the construction of the road.

Returning to the Road

  • Aranhil has been assissinated and Aldred is nowhere to be found. The Road construction and mission has been put on hold.
  • Allanon, the one to supply the lumber for the road grows irritated that the massive order for the lumber has not been taken even though payment has already been given. He sends word to Cyllarus expressing such agrivations.

The Road to the Bazaar Construction

The following are RP's of the Roads construction.

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