RP:The Merchants speak with the Rynvale Lumberyard

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Part of the Reopening the Bazaar Arc

This is a Merchant's Guild RP.

Allanon stood with a group of other construction workers, it was apparently lunch break as many of his employees feasted upon sandwiches and other foods. He wondered how long it may take for the Merchant to reach him. He had been waiting for two days thus far and still no sign of the being had been seen. He wondered if he meant to ever actually show. For now he didn't speak as he ate, he only listened to more of the tales from the sailors that worked for him temporarily, each of them as far fetched as the last.

Aranhil entered the Lumberyard, his first sights were of the piles of lumber throughout the yard. Soon enough he would spy several others, most of which sat upon logs as they ate. Stepping forward almost briskly he would finally reach them, "I am looking for Sir Allanon, may you direct me to him?" he would ask waiting now only for an answer.

Allanon laughed at one of the tales that had just finished, most called the bluff of course for thats all most of the stories were, but still they were very entertaining. Being pulled from his lunch break was one that seemed rather small, boyish even, and he had asked for him by name. Standing and turning around to face him completely he said, "I am Allanon, what may i do for you?" He wondered what this apparent half elf wanted in his yard, perhaps he needed work...he worked elves harder than any other, perhaps he was racist.

Aranhil nodded to the High Elf, "I am Aranhil of the Merchant's Guild. We spoke before on matters of a meeting regarding the possible purchase of a mass amount of your lumber." Aranhil wondered what the lumber for the road he needed would cost him, in the end the road would benefit Rynvale, opening up more trade. But perhaps this didn't matter to Allanon, he seemed a simple enough elf.

Allanon remembered the conversation from before, it had been carried out through messenger. "Yes, I have thought about what you had told me in the letter. Sadly what the wood is used for I could care less. My problem is that the their is a high demand for my lumber right now. Prices are risen. But I can do this for you, for every click(room) you must travel with the road I shall charge you only 2k, and you must transport the lumber." Aranhil's thoughts of the high elf was somewhat right, he cared not of the outside world. So long as he had work he wouldn't care about anything else. And even though he complained about the amount of work they had now he still didn't mind it.

Aranhil hung his head as he thought on what was best to do. Finally deciding it was best to pay the man what he wanted so that construction could begin he allowed his eyes to fall upon him again, "We have a deal then. Set aside enough lumber for seventeen clicks to be safe. Should we need more afterward then we will pay you as needed. Will you accept the payment as we come to transport the lumber? I do not have the amount needed on hand after all."

Allanon nodded in agreement, "Then it seems we have us an accord. I shall set aside that of Oak wood for your roads construction. It is a strong and sturdy wood, perfect for your needs. Payment upon pickup is well enough. Now if you will excuse me it is time for my men to return to work. Please thank the Merchants of the Guild for their business." With this he turns away and back towards those that helped to run his yard. "Back to work!" he shouted.

Aranhil exited and began his trek back to sage forest with hopes of gathering the gold required to continue their work on the road. Soon it will begin, the long journey through the Dragonlands.