RP:The Scout is Confirmed

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Part of the Reopening the Bazaar Arc

This is a Merchant's Guild RP.

Rhocielle was asked to meet with Aranhil through messenger. Now they meet at the Grassy Knoll Market, Aranhil's shop.

Grassy Knoll

The road through Kelay is down the northern side of this hill, while more hills are to the east. A lushly painted forest grows in the west, but here, atop this knoll, there is no vegetation. Gravel covers the earth, creating an uncomfortable rest spot for everyone. Why this hill is covered in small stones, no one knows. To the furthest south of this area, though still in view, you spot a rather odd looking building of sorts which sports a rather large sign that reads, “Aranhil’s Amazing Aromatic Aerbals.” If you were to enter, you would see many plants, or bins full of freshly picked plant parts; everything from leaves, to stems, to flower petals, to roots, and even mushrooms. You find many bottles placed around the interior, each labeled something else and each with a description. Most of these appear harmless, as if one may use them as a prank on another; however, there are some that express using extreme caution, for they may even take lives. Others of course would save lives, in fact many more of the herbs and potions were for the art of healing than of trickery and pain. You look at the price tags as you browse through the items, and each price seems reasonable enough. You take what you will, paying the man at the counter. A small sign hangs from the counter saying “Restocked Daily,” letting you know that should you buy them out, a new stock would soon arrive. Happy with what you have found you may leave this place back outside and head west, north, or east and continue on with your life no matter your intentions with whatever you may have bought.

Aranhil wondered about the basement gathering a few supplies from boxes that were found there. Wondering back up the stairs he would appear from behind a door near the back of the room. Placing them upon the counter he would ask that the Elf place them correctly. Meanwhile a Feline woman seemed to be walking from the basement to the outside where Aranhil's cart sat with many boxes around it. She was transporting them inside and then down the stairs to the storage room. It seemed that several boxes were still left at this point.

Rhocielle quietly padded towards the herb store, fully dressed and armored, unlike the previous night when he had to tend to Keturah's injuries. Curiosity was clear in his eyes as he looked at a feline emerging from and retreating to the shop. Following her indoors, the Lycan looks around for the proprietor of the establishment.

Aranhil was busy now, talking with the Elf, giving him a list of things to do should his journey to Rynvale happen sooner rather than later. Now as he turned mulling over things in his mind trying to think if he had forgotten anything he saw Rhocielle approaching him. Forgetting whatever it was he was just thinking of he greeted his fellow clan mate. “Good day to you, I hope the sun found you well this morn?”

Rhocielle nodded to Aranhil, "Found me well enough, to be sure..." The night was a different matter. An ear flicked to a reminiscent memory of the previous day's activities. Bringing focus to the present, he asked, "You sent a message for me to come meet you?" Drawing closer, he eventually came to rest against a counter; grey eyes lazily scanned the interior and its wares.

Aranhil nodded confirming what the being had said. “I have a request to make of you if you wish to take part in something larger than ones self.”

Rhocielle rolled his shoulders in a measure of nonchalance, "I would not be in the Fold, were that not the case." Bringing his wolfen gaze to the merchant, he inquired, "What is being requested of me this time?"

Aranhil nodded in understanding, “The Merchant's Guild have been given a letter from the shops in northern Rynvale where Vuryal's Castle once Stood. This letter told us of there financial suffocation since they were cut off from the outside world. We have agreed to help them, we plan to clear the roadway and cut a new path if necessary. Although, we dont know the exact conditions of the area. I wish to hire you as a scout. You will be asked to go to the area indicated and report back the damages and what may be needed to clear the roadway. Also you must find a safe route there, for a direct route shall take you through the Dragonlands. Do you think that much can be done on your own?” Rhocielle nodded, as well as began a comment with a click of his tongue, "I know the area... For the impending liberation of the island, I had already scouted the area near the castle. However, it was only done with the thought of enemies in mind. A second glance in that area will not be troublesome... I can tell you this already. There is another route to through the plateaus that will lead to the castle, but it had been blocked off by a brick wall... Perhaps if it is feasible to knock it down, we can avoid the dragons all together..."

Aranhil would nod to the man, “Scout it out again, I wish to not cause any danger to what is already there aside for the ruins that need to be cleared. However, if such a thing will save us the trouble then so be it. Would five thousand pieces be enough for this venture you are to take?”

Rhocielle shook his head, "No, this was not any sort of ruin. The wall appeared recent. Made of brick, I believe..." A paw rose to scratch the underside of his muzzle in pensive thought,"Perhaps some work of Vuryal's to seal off an easy route towards the castle?" Again he shrugged at his own theory. The caste was no more, so the wall was not needed. Wolfen head nodded once more in agreement to the fee offered by either Aranhil or the merchants themselves. "Aye, five thousand is acceptable. Do be sure to mention the wall to Cyllarus, or Aldred, whomever makes the final decisions for the operation. I will look over both routes anyways, just in case..."

Aranhil would nod to the wolf being and hand over a pouch of gold. “If needed the wall will come down, I will see to that. Please be specific in your findings as well, your findings will decide the route and how much help is asked to come along with us to complete the mission.”

Rhocielle took hold of the neck of the leathern bag and idly tied it to his waist. "Indeed... I will draw a pair of maps, if albeit crudely. One for a path through the mountainous plateaus, and one, if need be, through the Dragonlands... For the Dragonlands, I will attempt to be as accurate in my tallies for the dragons I do come across a distance. If we are able to simply go through the plateaus, you will hardly need armed escort, just enough backs to break to clear a path to the ruins of the castle..."

Aranhil would nod, “Then be off, and do a job that I know only you could so accurately.” He would motion for the door not trying to rid himself of the man as much as simply trying to hurry him along for he planned to open the stores as soon as he was able.

Diamond was very uncertain about eating fruit that..shined, and looked rather unnatural-even if it was in the good way- but with lingering hesitation she grabbed a strawberry and began to nibble on the end. The sweet taste attacked her taste buds, and in surprise she choked slightly. After recovering the mild mishap the strawberry is gone , " They are good!" A twinkle came to her eye as she reached out for another one. Instead of putting it in her mouth she leaned forward and offered it, " Here." her fingers moved casually away so it was held with her index finger and thumb

Aranhil hesitated for a moment then opened his mouth partaking of the fruit, as with Diamond the taste was amazing, incomparable to any other that may call itself a fruit. Closing his eyes for a moment and enjoying the taste he chewed slowly, and once the strawberry was gone he would open them again and take a sip of his wine which tasted rather well to him. What little bit of worry of and stress he may feel would soon be gone, he only needed to wait for the wine to enter his bloodstream. Picking up a strawberry he would now lean on one arm closer towards her and offer it to her as she had to him. Once she would bite into it he would say, “Diamond, your just so beautiful, the very sight of you confuses my mind, your lips intoxicate my as this wine never could. Im so in love with you, I dont know what I would do without you.”

Rhocielle took no offense to the comment. Merchants were of that nature. Time was money. The sooner he would return from his mission, the faster their crews could set upon their task, and the faster their coffers would grow from the gold in trading with the bazaar. "By your leave then," the wolfen male remarked, turning on his heel to depart the store.