RP:Queoldian Gathering

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Part of the Reopening the Bazaar Arc

This is a Merchant's Guild RP.

Aldred walks into the outpost looking around to the many different centaurs that roam about the area. As he reaches the center he calls to them,"Everyone, I need your attention. Lend me your ears."

The centaurs in the room all fall silent and turn to face Aldred as he speaks to them, wondering just what this is all about.

Aldred clears his throat, giving time to assure that everyone is listening before he makes his announcement, “I have just come back from a meeting and I have been asked to help with the building of a road to asist with the rebuilding of the bazaar north of Rynvale. Many of you may have never heard of this place but I come to you asking for your help. I will need assistance in building the road as well as with hauling supplies to the bazaar to help maintain its stocks. We must trek through the dragon lands and I have no doubt that it will be dangerous. I understand if you do not wish to embark on such a risky adventure but those of you who are willing please come forth.” As the words come to an end swirling black pools scan the crowd, watching for any who may step forward.

A few of the centaurs look at one another and then back at Aldred. First one steps forward, then another, and another, until there are a good number of centaurs standing before their leader. They each offer Aldred a small bow of respect and stand, awaiting their next orders.

Aldred nods with a small grin on his face, ”Thank you all. I will inform you when the time comes for our departure. At that time we will be on our way. Begin to arm yourself for your safety. But for now I must be off.”

Each centaur nods in turn, agreeing to Aldred's words.