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NAME: El is the name she is most likely to give, but in full, she is Eleanor Graem (EL-eh-nur GRIM).

AGE: She doesn't keep close count, but she's in her early thirties.

RACE: Human, as far as anyone is concerned.

CLASS: She is a mix of spellblade and rogue, specializing in "repurposing" magical energy.

BUILD: 5'5" and 170lbs of sculpted muscle and curve.

APPEARANCE: Long flaxen braids, sharp celadon eyes, sun-blessed skin, and a quick smirk.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: She is covered in azure-inked tattoos, which may contain magical energies that are ready to be used at a moment's notice.

COMPANIONS: Tuna, adult female white tiger; Liberated from thugs. Eun, adult male blue crow; Intrinsic Bond.

Abilities, Abridged

  • Magic Absorption - Acquired
  • Channeling - Acquired
  • Runic Inscription - Learned
  • Sleight of Hand - Learned
  • Magic Tattoo - Learned

Digging for the Devil

  • Leader of the Rogue's Guild (IC Secret)
  • Second-in-Command to the Oracle (Not-so-secret IC Secret)
  • Making friends with a certain Big Bad Wolf, again


  • Favors a cerulean leather two-piece of a vest and split-panel skirt. Tall leather boots. Runed, turquoise-gemmed diadem.
  • Runed, steel chakram. Several wands, including the Major Wand of Pain (stolen from The Oracle; IC secret, see current arc). Twin poison-coated daggers.

Seven Dwarves All Around Me

Sinner or a Saint?

(In order of relevance)