The Office

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Current Description

The Office is on the classier end of seedy cabaret/exotic dancing establishments. Which is to say that it boasts an actual chef, as in a person who studied to make food, and has enough bouncer presence on the floor to offer at least some low alcohol content beverages. Similar to other establishments of this nature, it's got your well-lit stage, poles, a diverse cast of dancing women, and surrounding them a population of tables, velvet wingback chairs, couches, and people who've got nothing better to do (most of them men). Along one of the walls, by the stage, is an opening into a narrow corridor that leads to the dressing rooms for the girls, a lived-in manager's office, and a door with a stairwell that descends to what must be a basement.

Additional Information

This location is rumored to be a base of operations for certain criminal enterprises (IC Secret).

Current Employees

Name Position Details
Hudson Landon Co-Owner Werewolf. He does not have an active role in the club's day-to-day activities; see below.
Eleanor Graem Co-Owner, Manager Human. She does not maintain an active role in the club's day-to-day activities, but can still be found checking in on it regularly.
Martin Grimwald (NPC) Assistant Manager Half-elf. An excitable and skittish man who handles day-to-day activities of the club on behalf of its busy owners.
Kase Newstrom (NPC) Security Human. A hulking, grumbling brute who oversees the club's protection, usually in the form of bouncer duties during opening hours.
Vierdo Jazmo'el (NPC) Security Elf. Unknown; doesn't appear to answer to Mr. Newstrom. Twin of Akash.
Akash Jazmo'el (NPC) Security Elf. Unknown; doesn't appear to answer to Mr. Newstrom either. Twin of Vierdo.

Now Hiring

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