The Row

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OOC Founder - Finn
OOC Owners/Leaders - Lita
Alignment – Chaotic Neutral

The purpose of this clan is, first and foremost, to provide a forum for adventure and quest role play for its members.

The Row prides itself on being welcoming to all players who take the time and effort to develop and sustain characters true to the role play's spirit. Rogues, scoundrels, thieves, and the otherwise slightly shady are more than welcome to apply for membership.

Requirements for Membership

Your character should be at least one month old in Hollow with role play to back up ‘scoundrel’ development as such. Roleplay with members of The Row during this period may suffice for meeting this requirement.

Be willing to commit to at least three months of Row role play on your character- this is critical to the effective sustaining of the arcs we will be writing.

Special Notes:

The Row is NOT an organization or identifiable entity. Members will not walk around in character, saying, “I am Row, and here’s my sign.” The clan name comes from an eighteenth and nineteenth-century word heavily associated with London's slum areas. In effect, it is a slang word for “the hood” and exists to provide a larger organizational umbrella for the rogue related role-play in Hollow. Many of the characters role-playing the rogue/thief class inhabit the coastal Cenril and Rynvale areas.

We recruit in character only. You do not need to wait to be invited to the clan to apply for membership. Simply initiate role-play with Row members, find a way to write yourself into the stories involving clan leaders, and provided that you meet the requirements mentioned earlier, there is a strong likelihood that you will be granted membership.

The Kraken

Located in Port Rynvale near the bustling shopping promenade, this seedy establishment serves at the clan HQ for The Row. Directions: From Rynvale recall point (Broken Barrel), 1s, 3w, 1n, 1u.