Major Wand of Pain

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Major Wand of Pain - (Melee Weapon/Missile)
Creator: Unknown wandsmith
Last Known Owner: Eleanor.

"A bolt of inky black streaks out of the wand's tip and the wispy matter latches onto its target before sinking through clothes and armor, scales and skin. The target's bones and muscles would suddenly feel like they're being twisted and pulled in all directions at once; their nerves feel aflame. For a select few, the pain is fatal, but all others it brings to the brink of death without allowing its target to surrender, making the wand particularly useful in torture. The wand itself is an innocuous grayish-brown stick, and unremarkable save a minuscule sigil burned around its base."


The origins of this wand are as-of-yet unknown, albeit there are rumors as to which "all-seeing" hag first had it commissioned. How it came to be in Eleanor's possession is not a story she is ready to part with yet, but in recent months, she has handed the cursed stick over to her partner-in-crime, Leoxander.

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