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Mission Statement

Updated 2022-01-09:
Long have we enjoyed helping new players and seasoned statters alike, yet with the recent shift in structure and management, Skjoldet's primary focus is now strictly on the in-character development of creative, ethical dueling strategies, advancing one's skills through ongoing weapons and defense training, and providing reliably valiant combat services to Lithrydelians everywhere.


Isok has accepted the position of Specialist of Aerial Tactics, where he'll be putting together and training our airborne defense units moving forward.

Emilia plans to step down from her position as co-leader and healer to focus on the Healer's Guild. This change in leadership puts the clan Skjoldet under Syrri's sole guidance.

Skjoldet will no longer offer healing services, although Syrri hopes to continue helping clan members carve a place in this world as part of the leading provider of martial services.

Additionally, Syrri is on a quest for dependable investors to help finance the construction and opening of academies and barracks in and around Venturil — or beyond — and she remains committed to pursuing the goal of providing education, training, and employment to the next generation of fighters and defenders.


Rank Member(s)
Clan Leader Syrri
Lawkeepers Space Reserved
Shieldthane Space Reserved
Captains Space Reserved
Specialists Isok [Aerial Tactics]
Cadets Thamalys [Pending Role Assignment]
Recruits Damimian, Nikola, Salvaret,


The highest-ranking officers who ensure the clan's adherence to its ethics and uphold these principles within their ranks.


The clan's trusted advisors, responsible for strategic decision-making and overseeing operations of both academy and barracks.


Elite fighters who command small units of specialists and cadets. Also includes instructors at the academy.


Reserved for full members of the clan who have completed training at the academy and/or have shown their proficiency with specific skills and can instruct small classes in their specialty.


Reserved for full members of the clan who are currently enrolled in training with the academy or the equivalent of time served with the clan, performing related duties.


Recruits includes anyone showing interest in joining the clan or recently joined the clan before being assigned a more specific role of Cadet or higher. This includes anyone who was already a member before the recent restructuring. This is to allow everyone to find their place in the new hierarchy.

Note: If your name is listed as a Recruit, and you wish to remain in the clan with its new purpose, please get in touch with Syrri at some point in the future so that a training and advancement plan can be developed together.


All recruitment will be conducted in-character, either through real-time RPs or via H-mail, with the Leader and/or at least one Officer. Simply contact someone of these ranks to establish interest in joining, and we'll go from there.


Coming soon.

Notable Clan NPCs

Jamie of Reddert
Jamie of Reddert is a human with dark brown hair and sky blue eyes. He is skilled with a greatsword and currently serves as aide to Syrri when not offering one-on-one combat instruction.
Mar'oken is a half-orc with a shaved head and dark olive-green eyes. He is a first-year Cadet, favoring a polearm but skilled with sword and shield as well. He is available at the training camp most days for spars.
Castien Stonewright
Castien Stonewright is a Craughmoyle dwarf with bright hazel eyes and curly red-gold hair. She is a first-year Cadet and prefers warhammers and battleaxes.
Castleberry Stonemoss
Castleberry Stonemoss is a sprightly halfling spellblade with shaggy dark hair and sharp emerald-green eyes. He is a first-year Cadet and favors a pair of shortswords that have been imbued with arcane energy.

Details & History

Founder: Sabrina
Former Leaders, Co-Leaders, and Officers: Emilia, Kristos, Linn

When it was founded in 2017, Skjoldet's initial aim was to provide both in- and out-of-character martial and battle-medic services, hoping to establish itself as the foremost expert on duel etiquette and statting.

Since then, it has undergone a few leadership changes, and as of 2022, now rests solely under the tutelage of Syrri, who is determined to usher the clan toward a more evolved purpose. Moving forward, Skjoldet will focus on in-character advancement of combat skills at upcoming martial academies, the development of ongoing training regimens, and providing commissioned combat services for those in need.

Behind the Clan Name

The name Skjoldet (pronounced like sk'yahld-ayt) translates to "The Shield." It is the definite singular form of skjold, a Norwegian word for shield or buckler.

Virtues of Skjoldet

The Ethics Behind the Shield. As the Gods see us commit these virtues to action, we shall hold them to be our truths, guiding us as our compasses, and the shield upon which enemy weapons fall in their defeat.

From the experience of the past, the present acts prudently, lest it spoils future actions.
The ability to discern the appropriate course of action to be taken in a given situation at the appropriate time. It refers to wisdom, insight, and knowledge, through which one may evaluate actions as virtuous or vicious, courageous or reckless.
Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.
The moral quality or habit which perfects the will and inclines it to render to each and to all what belongs to them; the moral and lawful faculty of doing, possessing, or exacting something. Justice is blind — it should be applied without regard to wealth, power, or any other status.
Be steadfast as a tower that doth not bend its stately summit to the tempest's shock.
Also called courage, bravery, and valor, it is the choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation for the sake of a worthy goal, even when there is no certainty of reward or salvation. It is not a rigid control of fear nor denial of it; instead, fortitude encompasses the ability to judge a situation, accept the emotion as part of our nature, and have the self-confidence in understanding one's skills and abilities to know when to fight, and when to flee.
Temperance is reason's girdle and passion's bridle, the strength of the soul, and the foundation of virtue.
Also known as restraint, it is the practice of self-control, abstention, discretion, and moderation tempering the appetition. It is sound-mindedness and does not imply a complete denouncing of desire, yet instead, it is about finding the balance between too much and too little.


  • Education: Once the headquarters are finalized, classes will resume for new Cadets.
  • Ongoing Training: Full members maintain high quality of technique and skill through regular training sessions led by instructors to cover a variety of subjects, from dueling to war tactics to gaining an aerial advantage and more.
  • Martial Commissions: Details coming soon.

Events & Tournaments

Rumble in the Jungle

Rumble in the Jungle is a 3v3 Fight Night hosted by Skjoldet and judged through public polling. Signups are currently open, with the deadline set for June 30th, 2023.


With the help of Xiembantointh, work has begun on the design and upcoming construction of headquarters for the clan, to be located in Venturil.

See: Breaking Ground in Venturil, Part I

While construction is underway, Skjoldet has made camp in northern Venturil just inside the gates, featuring a circular training yard and modest open-patio pub called the Axe & Shield, where profits are dedicated to the camp's needs as well as the scholarship fund for academy cadets.


Coming soon.

Former Members