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Cryomancer Profile

Combat Style: Ice Magics
Combat Rating: Pitiful
Magic Style: Ice
Magic Rating: Mystical
Preferred Races: Human, Elf, Dragon, and Ice Genasi
Allowed Races: Any Race that dabbles in Magic
Preferred Alignment: Any alignment, usually chaotic
Preferred Weapon(s): Any Magical Weapon that is of the Ice Element
Skills: Various Ice Magic Skills
Skill Weapon: Ice-Based Magic Weapons
Skill Centers: Anywhere that Ice Magic and Mancy can be taught.
Related/Similar Classes:Mage and Mancer

Cryomancer Description

Cryomancers are mages that focus only on the element of ice and use ice magic. It can be anything having to do with ice from just starting a snowball to causing a scale wide blizzard and the like. Over time, by studying ice books and ice magics and learning the art of ice, one can become a cryomancer, however, that usually means enduring cold conditions, and usually being in cold places where there is ice and snow, and enduring temperature ranges around the freezing point. The path of a cryomancer is not an easy road, and a student usually must endure years of ice-based tasks and tests. However, the rewards are indeed great.

Cryomancers are often chaotic and cool tempered, though at times fragile when casting their ice magic. Cryomancers are weak in melee combat, after all, they are magic-users and focus on magic/ They are often fast spell casters, and usually enjoy having some distance from their foe, especially against warrior types.

However, studying the art of cryomancy has its price. Cryomancers, due to the use of ice and snow are weak against fire, and thus at a disadvantage against pyromancers.

Although ice is a part of nature, cryomancers are not considered natural magical casters. They are arcane mages.

Cryomancer Fighting Style

Spells range from abilities like walls of ice, cones of snow, pillars of ice, snow or hail storms and so on. Cryomancers spells can freeze plants, cover places in now, frostbite skin, turn things to ice, and if their ice is strong enough, crack stone.

In addition to the ice spells, cryomancers often use ice staves and ice wands as their weapons of choice. Cryomancers make for formidable opponents and partners in combat. They are not to be underestimated.

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